Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tales from the Chair Chapter 8

My client Judy told me a story that made me 
laugh but I am sure at the time it wasn't so funny.  She and her husband were in the Bay Area earthquake in 1989.  The day it hit, she was in Los Gatos shopping and her husband was at work.  That day, she wore a button down dress and when it hit, she was in the toilet paper isle and she said that the floor actually rolled up and looked her right in the face then threw her up in the air like someone had double jumped her on a trampoline.  When it stopped she was underneath a bunch of toilet paper and paper towels and as she stood up, she realized she had only one button left on her dress.  The top one.  She was so shook up she really didn't care about the buttons, and as everyone was walking out of the mess, she looked over and saw a lady who must have been in the wine isle when it hit.  She said "You can't imagine what she looked like, nobody even noticed my dress was wide open!"  She finally got ahold of her husband and they met at his work then headed home to get their dogs out of the house and assess the damage.  When they pulled up to their house, they power was out all over San Francisco and as they pulled up to their beautiful rod iron gates, they both realized that they had no way of getting in other than climbing over.  Her husband started to climb over and the house next door exploded from a propane tank and her husband lost his footing and fell over with his belt getting caught on one of the points at the top.......then the bullets started to fly.....she didn't know whether to save her husband or run for cover, but she couldn't really tell where the bullets where coming from so she ran and hit behind the car...just then her neighbor came running down his driveway screaming "MY AMMO IS EXPLODING........MY AMMO IS EXPLODING!!!"  Apparently he was a hunter and when his propane tank exploded the ammo he had in his gun cabinet started to explode and was shooting in all directions.....after a few minutes......(she said it sounded like 4th of July) the shooting stopped and an occasional zing or pop would happen...her neighbor helped her get her husband, who was somehow in an upside down fetal position off of the gate and they went and got the dogs out then waited for the fire department.......who never came.  Unfortunately their neighbor lost his house, but nobody got hurt during all of that. They packed up and moved to this....she said these earthquakes are a piece of cake compared and she isn't scared at all.  That is a little reassuring, but you never really realize all that happens at once and how crazy and dangerous something like that could be.  Can you imagine if someone were shot,  headlines would read, "MAN DIES TRYING TO SAVE DOGS AFTER EARTHQUAKE"...."A San Francisco man was trying to climb his own fence to save his dogs while the house next door shot him............"


Mom said...

We will not have an earthquake of that magnitude. We will not have an earthquake of that magnitude. We will not have an earthquake of that magnitude.

madre adoptiva said...

WHOA! Mom is right though... we won't have an earthquake of that magnitude because I'm prepared and as long as I'm prepared, there will be no reason to be.