Saturday, February 4, 2012

I survived.......

My Mom doing 50 Burpees
As you know , I started my week with a wonderful 3.1 mile hike on Monday then that evening ended up finishing my Monday getting food poisoning which put a damper on my plan to jump right back into my fitness routine.  The only change I am making is one less 'run' day which I will now call a 'Cardio' day until I feel my ankle is ready to take a pounding since I generally run on pavement.  God's way of holding me back, I am sometimes unable to do that myself because I just don't have it in me to quit.  Thursday I felt OK and was hoping to get to Cross Fit but ended up getting over booked that day to get caught up from being sick....Thank you again to my "Higher Power"  I'm sure I needed that extra day of rest.  So as of now, my schedule is Mon and Fri Cardio, Tues, Thurs and Sat. Cross Fit.

Sierra Nevada CrossFit Gym...Love it! 
This morning my Mom thankfully agreed to the 9 am class, as much as I would rather sleep in a bit longer, I really enjoy my Saturdays with my family, especially since Jay is still living in Susanville while he works and comes home on the weekends.  So today was officially my first day back, (I tried once but I wasn't ready).
Of course the 'Eye Candy" showed up as we were leaving...
We started with a warm up of running the Switchbacks up behind Mayberry Park.  As you can imagine, I was told to hike it, not run it.  It has been 8 weeks today since I fractured my ankle and I must admit, I have been a bit scared to re-injure myself because it was really a painful couple of months.  So I listened to Kat (My beautiful Trainer, I want to look like her when I grow up) for about 5 minutes.  I was listening to my body and my body told me to try to run.  I did for about 30 seconds.  Still too tight in my Achilles tendon, so I kept walking.  On the way up the switchback my body begged me to try again, so I did and even though it was uphill, my ankle let me go, but being 25 degrees out at that time, my lungs told me to stop.  Walking at a quicker pace now I was starting to feel good, actually great, not just physically but mentally, although I was completely aware of just how out of shape I had gotten.  It took 10 weeks to get where I was before my injury, and 2 weeks for it to be all gone.  Very discouraging but I will fight it head on.  I ran a bit but mostly hiked to the top to meet the others...(I wasn't last though!!! Yay Me!)  then Kat was sweet enough to make us do 100 back lunges.  Thanks Kat, because my ass has fallen and it can't get back up.  On the way down I felt warmed up and very inspired, my body said "RUN LIKE THE WIND!!"  I tried and ran most of the way downhill but the only wind I think that was happening was my lungs saying "Are you f'ing serious right now?" and my Mom's lips causing wind by saying "Be careful, Lisa, don't overdo it!"  Love you Mommy.  She told Kat to tell me to stop and Kat's response was "If she won't listen to her own mother, do you think she will listen to me?"   She knows me well.  But I WAS listening to my body and I felt great, so great in fact on the last stretch back, we all ran (slowly) in. I could have cried I was so happy, then I almost did when I saw the WOD (work out of the day) board.
Everything listed was followed by 100.....

My trainer Kat Baltierra is the hottie with the naughty body in the middle.. To train with this amazing young woman you can click the link above for the gym or contact her personally @ 775-772-8991
I was amazed at how well I did, as well as how out of shape I had really gotten.  I took it very slow, at that point I now needed to really modify so I didn't hurt myself, a very humbling experience for me.  Back to the black bands for the pull ups, the burpees I had to step back instead of jump and step forward and rather than jump up, I had to do toe raises.  The box jumps ended up being step ups, I use a lower box generally but I did choose a bit taller of a box since I wasn't actually jumping.  I completed all of those exercises, very slowly, the burpee to pull-ups I had to separate into two different exercises instead of all in one so those only ended up being 50 of each....Still hard after laying dormant for 8 weeks and the last exercise  I only got half way through were the straight legged sit-up....I got to 50 and it was time to stretch, which on the left was actually harder than the exercises themselves.  I have recently become obsessed with Lingerie Football and Kat said she can get me to look even better than those girls before Jayson and Guoda's  Geez you're a maniac)  And thank you God for slowing me down this week, I'm sure I needed that!

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You did way better than I thought you'd do! You rock!