Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And THAT'S why you pay money for a good purse!

She's back safe and sound
 My very first designer bag was given to me by my husband for Valentines day when I was 29 I think.  It was a cute Dooney and Burke, their newest youthful style that had the DB all over it in an assortment of colors......I wore the hell out of that bag, and although it is a bit to small for me these days (I think our handbags grow with our asses as we age ?) I still have it and want to use it every now and then.  I just can't let it go.  I probably used that bag for 3 years and with a good polishing it still looks brand new. My next bag he bought me was a beautiful Coach bag with a matching wallet.  It is a winter bag, only because it has fur around the top.  Back then I could afford to have these luxuries.  I was working hard for them and I feel I actually earned them.  For awhile I had a friend who worked at Coach and she would tell me when they had employee sales and I got bags for 50% off.  As you can imagine, began my obsession.  My husband also bought me a Raviani for Christmas a few years ago......I'm using it now, it's my go back to absolute favorite (they have a lifetime guarantee as well).  I have bought inexpensive bags as well, but as rough as I am on my things (Reason #3 why I'm also known as Bubba to my family) they fall apart, the zipper breaks (that happened to me in Vermont going to my sisters wedding and thankfully there was a garage sale on the side of the road so I replaced it for a $1, and that has actually turned out to be a pretty durable bag, not sure what it is but ? It's in my bins of bags now as a keeper) or the threads start falling out at the seams, it loses color, rhinestones, the buckle breaks.  Why buy a bag that you use until you have to throw it away?  Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of fun bags like those but they never last, eventually they break or the lining tears and bye bye.

I have a Coach bag that I love because it goes with denim and just about everything else.  It lost a stitch so I brought it down to the Coach store in Meadowood Mall and I just got it back this morning with the below letter.  And that is why you spend money on a bag that will never go out of style and will last you a lifetime...................
I love Coach!