Friday, February 3, 2012

The Making of The Jersey Shore Barbie....

Jersey Shore Barbie
It is  Spirit week at Spanish Springs HS this week, Thursday was 'Jersey Shore' Day.  The making of the Jersey Shore Barbie....
She has to squat so she fits in the picture she's so tall
Step 1....Wednesday, shower and sing in the shower so Momma mutes the TV and just lays there smiling and listening...(always a bonus)
Step 2....Have Momma (that's me!) start with the first coat of hardcore rub in Bronzer.
Step 3....Put fan on and let dry for a few Minutes.
Step 4....Another coat of Bronzer.
Step 5....Let dry again with fan.
Step 6....Use Airbrush Bronzer on top of rub in Bronzer and to the top of the body as well to get that nice all over Jersey Shore Glow.
Step 7....Allow to dry, fans for sure that stuff is toxic, the next morning the bottoms of me feet were orange from walking in it!
Step 8....Repeat steps 6 and 7.
Not done yet...Fast forward to Thursday morning.

All about the orange, check out her legs
 Stevi wakes me up with a latte every morning in bed, I know I'm spoiled, but it's because she wants me up for a reason!  Moving on the Step 9
Step 9....Apply more bronzer, the lotion and the airbrush.
Step 10....Allow to dry, this is an important step, she is wearing white shorts to school today (Thursday)
Step 11....Clip in hair extensions
Step 12....Rat the top of her hair into a poof "Not too big Mommy!"  OK, this takes control for a hairdresser, so I lace it instead of tease it.
Step 13....Smooth the backcombed hair over the nest of hair I have created and spray hairspray like it's the 80's.
Step 14....Apply false eyelashes.

Easy right?  I'm a pro by now, ha, I actually am, tee hee.  Driving her to school she says, "I hope I don't get sent to  the office for my outfit"  I say "It's spirit week, I don't think it is inappropriate at all, for Jersey Shore day you could of shown up in a bikini and stilettos!"  So I drop her off and at 1:10 I receive this text, which I have no idea what it could be about, assuming it could be the Bullying that has been going on, I know it's not her report card, just got that, a boy? I don't know but it was killing me because she said she was in trouble but then it had smiley faces ?  So confused and she wouldn't tell me until I picked her up at cheer at 6pm.  So 5 hours of torture!
The text I got at work yesterday
There was a sound video of her singing that has apparently spread around the school and further.  I have forwarded it and listen to it everyday because it makes my heart melt and puts a smile on my face.  She was called in to the office because of that video and Ms. Hart and Ms. Molini were in the office that she was called into and they asked her to sing 'The National Anthem' at the next school assembly!  Wow.....I can but can't believe it!  She is so shy but we are going to have to get her over that stage fright!  I tried for an hour to figure out how to upload it to my blog, even opened a YouTube account but I think it's because she just sang into her iphone and forwarded it to me.  Everyone that has heard it is shocked and amazed...She has a sweet and unique voice that I would love to share with you all, but because of my lack of computer expertise, if you would like me to text it to you, I know how to do that and would love to.  So, if you would like to hear my Little Angel sing...when you leave me a comment, leave me your cell # or message it to me if you don't want it out there because my blog is public and I would love to share it with everyone who wants to hear it.

I'm so proud my heart could burst...............


Elaine said...

Grandma's heart is bursting with pride as well. :-)

Liz said...

She does NOT have stage fright! I have seen her perform and she has anything but stage fright. I'm so excited for her!! I hope I can make it to see it!!