Tuesday, February 7, 2012

R.I.P. Chyla..................... :'''-((((

My Mom and Chyla Sunday night after 2 of the episodes

Today is going to be a rough day but it's all about the right thing to do.  Many of you have had to make this difficult decision and it is never an easy decision for any reason.

We have all been able to say our Goodbyes.
My Mom saw Chyla 8 years ago at a Pet store that had rescue animals that day and noticed her but just wasn't ready for another dog.  After she and my sister left she kept thinking about Chyla and said that nobody would end up rescuing her because she was so ugly. (Her ugliness is what has made her so endearing and beautiful to our family.)  My sister basically talked her into going back and it was the best decision she ever made.  From that day forward, that dog never left her side.
A great hiking and snowshoeing companion

Chyla came on every crazy hiking adventure we have been on until she started getting too old, she is now 12 years old, very old for a boxer and it really wasn't until this last year that she really started showing her age.  She even went on the hike from Hell with us and trusted us 100% and did what ever we asked of her, jumping over an Icy creek and trusting me to catch her by her collar and fling her across to my Mom who was patiently waiting upside down in a snow bank because I did the same thing to her using the handle of her backpack.  That day was a miracle that we all made it out alive...but that story is for another day.

Love this photo
There was also another hike that we went on that we ended up crossing several water falls, it was on the shady side of a mountain and some of them were pretty icy, she trusted us there as well and with a little coaxing we all made it across. She never doubted that we would never let any harm come to her.
My Mom and her faithful companion
Chyla stayed by my Mom's side when my Dad passed away in 2006 and has greeted her with tail wagging and slept by the side of her bed, even keeping her recliner warm for her when she was away ever since...At one time, she even tried answering the phone for my Mom, so now anyone that doesn't know which buttons go where on that lovely cordless phone, you need to ask...it still works... we aren't sure who she was chatting with that day, but by the chew marks on the phone, it's pretty obvious it was someone for Chyla.
The tongue has always been a focal point to her  beauty
Sunday, my Mom and Chyla came over to our house for the Superbowl, and as usual, she brought Chyla, Jayson and Guoda brought Hart.  We had the back door open for the boxers since they can't fit through our tiny Weenie Doggie Door and Chyla got here first.  She wasn't acting herself and seemed uncomfortable.  She kept getting up and pacing, unusual for her and stretching.  After a bit of in and out, we decided to just leave the back door open.  Jayson  and Guoda arrived with Hart and she was back to being a puppy playing with him and showing off.  Shortly after, Jayson said "There is something wrong with Chyla outside"  We think it may have been a heart attack because she has severe heart problems now, but by the time we all got out there, she was down and struggling.  I got the dogs inside and shut the door to go back to help my Mom and Jayson and just in those few moments, she was gone.  Tongue out, no breathing, limp and eyes starting to bulge out of her head.  I ran in to get Jay, to help and Stevi and Guoda came outside, she was gone.  No life.  As we all were around her saying our goodbyes my Mom was crying and petting her saying the things you say when you don't want someone to leave you and after around 3 minutes, she gasped for breath, and started breathing.  Very confused and still limp but alive.  I ran in and got the doggie bed to make her more comfortable and a blanket to get her into the house because it was a bit chilly out and so Jay and Jayson lifted her onto the bed and brought it into the house into our computer room so we  could make her more comfortable since we knew what was happening.  After putting a doggie gate in the door, my Mom and I stayed with her petting and loving her, cleaning her up because she had backyard grit on her.  Then she heard Raider whining for her and she got up, very gingerly to go see him.  She wanted to be with the other dogs, so we let her...Weird.

After that we brought the doggie bed into the living room so she could be with the family and other K-9's and seemed to slowly get better, not normal but better.  Superbowl ended and my Mom got her into the car to head home.  Around 2 miles from my house, she had to pull over and resuscitate her because it had happened again.  She called me and we knew it was only a matter of time so Jay, Stevi and I headed over to finish digging a hole that Chyla had been working on in the back yard for awhile and figured that this is where so would like to be when she passes.  We got to my Moms and felt morbid as we dug the hole, because ChylaChyla weighs 80-85 lbs. and I knew she would need my help putting her to rest.  As soon as we got home my Mom called and she was dying, she had eliminated and was in the throws of death.  I said "I'm on my way."  Left the family at home and went to help my Mom bury her.  I arrived at my Mom's house and guess who greeted me ?  You guessed it Chyla.  Knowing it must be near, my Mom and I sat at the table having a "Fucking Martini" and exchanging stories as Chyla rested.  I ended up spending the night because we were sure it would be Sunday night, Monday morning.  She was weak Monday and had a vacant look in her eyes and an awful smell, but she just wasn't ready to leave my Mom.  We think she was being stoic for my Mom and had to tell her it was OK to go and I would always make sure my Mom was taken care of . After some discussion and very difficult decision, I called my old friend Kathleen Green DVM who comes to the home to help in those final days.  If we were to continue to let her have these moments, heart attacks or whatever they are , she would be very uncomfortable and eventually the brain damage would take over.  So after 3 bouts of death, the decision was made to let her have peace and no more discomfort.  Kathleen is meeting me at my Moms house at 10 am this morning. Not anything I am looking forward to at all, but I need to be there for my Mom and Chyla so we can have a good peaceful goodbye then cry our eyes out.  So it is with heavy heart that I end this story as I need to put my shoes on and go be there for my Mom.  Chyla, you have been the best dog ever and been there for not only my Mom, but all the grand children and really are a part of the family.  You can NEVER be replaced, we love you so much.....
R.I.P. Chyla......2000-2012

The cousins, in our family all family members are included in gatherings

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