Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Birthday approaching too quickly....

Every year as I approach ANOTHER year, I go through the, what to wear, what not to wear, how to wear my make-up, perfume and hair websites.  I know I am in the beauty industry and I read endless magazine articles which mostly focus on airbrushed movie stars with personal nutritionists, trainers, stylists, make-up artists, hair dressers and plastic surgeons.

As I now approach 44, I feel more mature, yet of course don't want to dress in the styles that are age appropriate.  Of course in the above shoe, I'm sure you can guess which shoe I liked better, and which shoe was geared more towards my age.

One thing I do know is that I don't want to be one of those mom's that looks like I am trying to compete with my 15 year old daughter ( as I look down I am wearing a hand-me-down Fox shirt she gave me......), I have seen women my age wearing Aeropostal,  Hollister and American Eagle, and they do look ridiculous.  Those are teenager trend brands and I read last night after 40 you shouldn't have holes in your jeans.  Small ones maybe but not the kind I wore to work yesterday. (Again a Stevi hand-me-down).

Thank God pleated skirts and maxi dresses are a classy option, being that I just went shopping Sunday.  My mom and I talked about issues with pleated skirts stretching out in all the wrong places, I mentioned maybe they needed to be sized up...and that is exactly what the stylists column said, "If pleated skirts or shirts are being pulled, they are too tight."  Also the picture I posted is a tummy control option if that's an issue.  Who knew.
Make-up. I am a make-up artist, I love to play.  At my age, if I do play on myself, I must admit, I do look and feel older those days.  Natural and less is the key...sigh.....
Perfume.  I used to love to wear sexy, musky scents with hints of vanilla and Oriental spices. Now I wear clean and floral scents, my favorites are now Jessica McClintock and Chanel Madmoiselle.... both of which are $90 and up per bottle.... geez (I'm wearing hand me downs from my sister for now because they are free, currently Yves Saint Laurent's Baby Doll, which thankfully smells like me because I've been told I have a certain smell, and when I grab a random sample etc. my husband and kids say I don't smell like me.)  Another of my favorites is Beautiful Love......I used to wear Obsession, Poison and Vanilla Grapefruit (which I still love and think is OK on me because of the Grapefruit by Lavanila which is hard to find , but all of their fragrances are affordable ($42) and natural and I think anyone can wear them!)

And handbags,... yes handbags.   I blogged about quality, not quantity. It's true.  In your 40's it says never use a cheap handbag, not only do you get more out of a quality handbag because you never need to replace a classic bag, at this age, you deserve!

And last but not least , again, the shoes.  Platform stilettos are sexy and dazzling.....on younger 20's and 30's.  In your 40's even if you have great legs, it's a no-no.  I understand this as I have walked on 5" heels for years and now I can't.  I feel awkward and uncomfortable.   I guess our balance goes, our tendons and muscles change and again.....we are NOT IN OUR 20'S!  I can be in denial just like any other woman... I often am. But I am going to go take off this Fox neon yellow shirt and replace it with something else.. (apparently Rocker T's in your 40's a big no-no!) and I threw away the jeans I wore yesterday.  Oh, and apparently, I have a LOT of denim I need to hem...if they are too long... they need to be hemmed....gees...this gets easier and harder every day.
 Happy shopping.......time to "update and analyze", I've sized down quite a bit......need to check a few more things out of my closet and hand them to my still young and able sister......
More freebies Liz!!!!!

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Elaine said...

I hate those holey jeans even on teens. When I was a kid they got patched!