Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Someday someone will realize I've given my all my whole life
and there is just no more to give.

Someday somebody will want to put me first
not  just because they feel they have to.

Someday when I've fought so hard to make everyone else happy in my life
I will have no fight left.

Someday when I am struggling someone will notice
instead of watching TV or texting people that never truly are there for them.

Someday when I have tears in my eyes someone will want to take them away
not just turn their heads and act like they don't see.

Someday someone will realize I've done all I can
and see that half should have been enough.

Someday I will get a simple smile and a hug
instead of a sneer and a slamming door.

Someday I may not be here and there will be panic
because everyone will just stand there confused.

Someday if I disappear
will they even notice?

Im invisible now..........someday they may try to find me.


Liz said...

Love you, Bubba! Call me ANYTIME you need to talk.

Elaine said...

You have a great support system. Don't be afraid to use it. We all love you so much!