Thursday, May 31, 2012


8th grade photo
 She's always been the star of the show.  My over achiever.  My All-star.  My honor student.  My straight A student.  Since she was in kindergarten, she insisted on setting her own alarm and getting herself ready.
Her beautiful guitar

I have never had to worry about her grades, she stressed about them enough.  She has always wanted to go to medical school and do sports medicine.  She tries out for the school sports and makes it.  Never a doubt in my mind she wouldn't.  She's beautiful, intelligent, self assured and athletic.  Musically talented whether it is singing or playing an instrument.

First recital of many
Freshman cheer team

She is an amazing dancer and I know she is a loyal and dedicated friend.

It has started, she has gone to the dark side..........she is 15.

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Elaine said...

Stay strong. She'll come around.