Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things that made me smile this week

  •  Being relaxed on the bike ride we took Sunday without worrying.
  • Those moments when I realize I am turning into my mother (she's pretty cool)

  •  Letting loose and looking like a hair ball the Pink Panther hacked up.
  • Putting all of our weekly hikes into the calendar because I miss them.
  • Seeing Stevi's friend Kody from 7th grade over at our house because he goes to Reno High also.

  •  Letting go of the past because I've already been there and just enjoying today without thinking.
  • Feeding the ducks and geese with my Mom at Idlewild Park
  • My husband telling me to plan some weekend hikes so he can go too.
  • The flowers Jay brought in from the yard for me.

  •  Seeing Sage graduate kindergarten and Dallas telling me that she wants Jessica Sanchez to win American Idol because "She dresses fancy like me and Auntie Beautiful."

  •  Jay waking me up to walk to Walden's for a coffee on Saturday morning.
  • Feeling pretty without my make-up on because I had a smile on my face.

  •  Spending time with friends without worrying about the next 5 minutes/hour/week.

  • My therapist telling me I did a great job during the week taking care of me, as hard as it was.
  • All the walks we took this week, I have no idea how many miles we put in, but they felt great.
  • Having today all to myself.

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Elaine said...

I love this post! Liz and Dallas might do some of the weekend hikes with us as well!