Saturday, May 19, 2012

Take each day as they come......

 Each day is different, you never know what you are going to get when you go to sleep at night.  I have learned to not look forward and not expect what my day will be, because my life is so unpredictable.

Today is a good day.  So far.  I don't know what the next hour will bring or even the evening, but Jay woke me up this morning with kisses and asked me to walk with him to Walden's for a coffee.  This is new.  And something I have actually dreamed about, sad but true.  Then we came home and got ready to go watch Sage graduate kindergarten at Coral Academy.  Stevi saw Sage born and suddenly broke down into sobbing tears....she is her mothers daughter and her grandmothers granddaughter. That got Liz going and Guoda trying not to cry.  Oh boy, I actually didn't because I think I am cried out for the week, but laughed at them like they have laughed at me and my mom so many times.  

Jay left to go get some parts for his new back rest on the Harley and I am taking Stevi and her friend Cozy to Junkee's because I need to "fine tune"  my Pink outfit for tomorrows Ride for the Tata's.  So far I have some pretty outrageous things to wear.  Why not...I need a weekend to be stupid, so I will.

So far, today is a good day.


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Liz said...

Double LIKE! I'm so happy you guys got to come to Sage's graduation. She was so happy you were there! I'm also very happy no fist fights broke out. HAHA!