Wednesday, May 9, 2012

THAT will make you work out!

So the above picture is what I was envisioning.  Sunday, Stevi, Daivee, my mom and I went to Roseville to go dress shopping for Jayson and Guoda's upcoming wedding.  I needed a rehearsal dinner dress, casual but dressy enough for a patio rehearsal dinner at a golf course, and a Mother of the Groom dress for an evening wedding and a golf course, dressy, classy and cocktailish yet "Mother of the Groom" not hey look at me, I'm 44 and I'm trying to look 24!  

It doesn't help that the particular day we chose was the day after my Scentsy de Mayo party, salty Margarita's, taquitos, chips, etc.  I was a bit bloated even though I drank only two Margarita's and had 3 waters during.  Then we were brilliant and decided on the way down to have Jack in the Box for breakfast, since we never eat that kind of stuff for breakfast, and all four of us agreed it was delicious.

Our strategy was to walk and window shop, meet at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, then go try on our favorites. (Another brilliant idea.)  Then add in that my shopping partner is my mother who is dedicated to her 3 day a week CrossFit, and I am built more like my Hungarian side of the family and have only hit the CrossFit gym 3 times since I broke my ankle on December 6th, have gotten 2-3 runs in and maybe a handful of walks.  In a 5 month period, that is nothing when you are built like your "Nudgemamma".  I have always been a shape-shifter, being 5'2 and 3/4 ( ;-D ) and stalky for strength, not endurance doesn't help.  

Now I know why I need to get back into my 6 day a week routine....anything less is just not enough for me at my age, cut back on the crap and just do it.  I know I have ranted about this before but when you end up expecting top picture and getting bottom picture you realize..

  • You don't have the willpower you used to have, now you need mental determination.
  • You will never, EVER, look like you did in your 20's unless you basically live at the gym and never put anything, and I mean ANYTHING, bad in your mouth again.
  • Your waste line is not really a waist line anymore.
  • Your ass, is not really an ass anymore.
  • Body shapers were the best invention ever.
  • The next 6 weeks are going to really hurt.

So Stevi and I, have been getting walks in around 10 at night when we have been busy and last night we met my mom at CrossFit. It hurt, I am out of shape but it felt great.  For now, since my life needs to revolve around work not the other way around, we will be on a drop in for now.  I know how to eat, I have been here before, so for now..I am going to go put my shoes on an go for my run since for the rest of my life (providing I don't break an ankle again or get lazy and complacent)  Sundays will be my day off..I just pray my jello legs don't quit on me..........


Elaine said...

I couldn't really watch you and Stevi last night since I was doing a different workout, but from what I did see, you did great! Saw Stevi try to do the rope climb thinking that 1 rope climb would be easier than 10 rope lowers. The rope climb is a lot tougher than it looks, isn't it Punkin?

Bubba said...

LOL.. It always looks easier when the dedicated CrossFitters do stuff like that... I don't know that I will ever be able to climb the rope...but I will still occasionally try...

Elaine said...

Yeah. Me too. :-)