Saturday, May 17, 2008

94 Degrees in the Sun Saturday

  • 9:30a.m. Roll out of bed, have Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal, French Vanilla flavored coffee, tell family what is on the agenda for today.
  • 9:45a.m. Take shower and get ready to roll, borrow $200 from Jay to go shopping for today's parties, parties, parties!
  • 11:00a.m. Head out the door, use Jay's truck because it has GPS
  • 11:15a.m. Go to Beauty Supply to buy Bedhead make-up and Hemp lotion for Hannah, Lauryn and Katie who are all having graduation parties today, which I will attend all 3!
  • 11:55a.m. Go to Toy's R Us and get my niece Kelly a bicycle and helmet for her 6th birthday, which I will also attend today.
  • 12:10p.m. Make deposit at Bank of America to cover Toys R Us and so I can pay bills later(oops, went a little over budget).
  • 12:48p.m. Log Hannah and Lauryn's party address into GPS and hit the road after putting together their gift bags with eyeshadow cream wands, eyeshadow pallet, lip gloss and lotion, oh and a tootsie roll for each of them!
  • 1:10p.m. Arrive at party fashionable late of course (only 10 minutes) and see the awesome cake Lauryn made (pictured above) for her own high school graduation. (She is pictured in the brown dress, Hannah is in the pool.  Congrats you two!!)
  • 2:00p.m. Have food and watch slide show Mallory put together, looked at book and sat with Deb, the mom, while she cried!!
  • 2:50p.m. Leave party and text Stevi, pick her up from friend Kelsea's house to get to Kelly's party at Rancho San Rafael Park.
  • 3:05p.m. Pick up Stevi and talk to Tori about Stevi spending the night to attend ANOTHER birthday party tomorrow at Justice with Kelsea, after all  Noelle will be there and Stevi knows her!
  • 3:20p.m. Arrive at Kelly's party, get bike and helmet out, eat two sandwiches, talk to mom, Judith, Liz, Steve and everyone else, push Sage on swing (Yay! I am so glad she loves her Auntie Beautiful now!) Take pictures.
  • 4:50p.m. Get Stevi and backpack, call Kelsea, bring Stevi back to Kelsea's house , give her $27 for Justice party tomorrow (hope it's enough that is all I had)
  • 5:05p.m. Head home to see Jay and get ready for Katie's party.
  • 5:15p.m. Talk to Jay for a few minutes, I think he got heat stroke today, so he missed Kelly's party and will not be attending Katie's BBQ as well. Go upstairs fix melted make-up from the 94,000 degree heat today, put on deodorant, hairspray and perfume and kiss Jay good-bye.
  • 5:20p.m. Set up Katie's bag with her make-up.
  • 5:35p.m. Get to Katie's BBQ (they have been partying since 1:30, ummm yeah.....)
  • 5:45p.m. Run back to truck to get camera, this could be good, they are playing beer pong with vodka......
  • 6:00p.m. Give JL a hug, can't believe he is a man, he kind of resembles Johnny Knoxville from Jackass.
  • 6:15p.m. Get another bottle of water ( I must be dehydrated from the 94,000 degree heat)
  • 6:30p.m. Laugh and poke fun at all the drunks, including Katie's mom Judy, Gary and I are the only sober ones on the whole block.
  • 6:55p.m.  Spot Dave Silva, who I went to the movies with once when I was 15, say Hi and laugh that he is so grey, he is so old, I couldn't have dated him in high school. (I wonder if he said the same thing when he saw me?)
  • 7:15p.m. Eat a brownie, I can cheat today till 8p.m. and I didn't do too bad!
  • 7:40p.m. Watch JL climb a tree, no really he did just check out the picture, he is 20.
  • 7:45p.m. Plan a ride for tomorrow with Gary and Judy and head home.
  • 7:57p.m.  Get home and video Jay while he sleeps, it is amazing what he does, just want him to see.
  • 8:15p.m. Take sweaty make-up off, yuk!
  • 8:40p.m. Check e-mails and blog
  • 9:00 Make some tea with honey in it, still haven't had a soda and only 1 coffee a day, (but the 2 times I went to Art-n-Soul Daycare to see my little sister, she made me fabulous lattes so I splurged!)
  • 9:30 I am dead, dead I say, oh and sun burnt, and tired, but had a great day!!
  • 10:58p.m. Finally finish this blog I am tired!!


Mom said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. You are the Energizer bunny!

A Mom Anonymous said...

You make me tired. What a day! Way to go making it to every event!

Hey when FG comes in for his haircut this week (THANK YOU GOD - he's the only man I know who's hair is getting thicker as he gets older!) Don't spill the beans about my blog. I think he knows but then he'll want to go read it and there goes me ever being able to complain about him again! :D