Sunday, May 11, 2008

UPDATE IN 08' (5-11-08)

  1. Wildhogs 12 times
  2. Stevi had her first voice lesson
  3. Jay is at 75 degrees and has been on 2 bike rides
  4. I have 2 bouquets of fresh flowers, (roses from Jay, mixed from Raleys)
  5. I got a fabulous Ed Hardy purse for Mothers Day (click on Update in 08)
  6. On Mothers Day I got Roses, a bag, a veggie omlet and a picnic in the park
  7. Stevi has an orthodontist appointment in June
  8. Jack is coming back over on Thursday
  9. Jayson is cooking my dinner tonight

1 comment:

Mom said...

It was a great Mother's Day even though you tried to kill me. I still love you though.