Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Memoirs of a crazy childhood....Chapter 3

I was around 5 years old when I was playing outside and a really nice doggy came and put his head on my lap.  "Nice puppy....."  I remember my mother calling to me.."LISA! GET IN THE HOUSE!"  "But Mommy, the doggy is hurt....."  "That is not a doggy Lisa, that is a wolf!"  "But Mommy! He's hurt!"  

I don't remember if that was the time he had gotten into a fight with a porcupine and lost or not, but I do remember my mother fixing his owwies and nursing him back to health.  He was then part of the family and since a wolf chooses a mate for life, he chose my mom.  She took Wolf everywhere with her........if she didn't, he would actually jump out of the trailer windows to look for her, he had terrible separation anxiety.  After awhile, she couldn't afford to keep getting our windows fixed, so where my mom went Wolf went.......  One day she had to go grocery shopping,  so we all piled in the car, including wolf and went to the Warehouse Market, next to the Bonanza Casino.  We went inside, wolf stayed out in the car.....till he got worried about my mom.  Somehow, he rolled the window down and since the store had automatic doors, he decided to go in and look for us.  Panic at the Disco.....people where running and screaming......uh yeah, you would too if a wolf was wandering down Isle 7 looking frantically for his mate!  Eventually, my mom had no choice but to give him away, she could no longer afford to feed him, and he was taking down cattle on the range and there was pretty much a "Bounty" on his head, since everyone in Reno Park knew my mom, they gave her options.  She gave Wolf to a family somewhere in California...Portola maybe, I am not sure, but I do know that around a week or so later, he found his way home, bloody paws and all.  He loved my mom so much that he ran home miles and miles to let her know that somebody had accidentally adopted him.  I know there were a lot of tears, but she gave him away again, and I think if I remember correctly he ran away from them as well, but he never made it home.  The loyalty of a wolf is amazing.......and the fact that his loyalty was to a woman who was brave enough and kind enough to fix him when he was broken......too bad we can't learn from that.


Perry said...

Very cool story, thank you!

Mom said...

I just posted a very long comment. Hopefully it will appear later.

Mom said...

I'll try again. You were all of 4 yrs old when I looked out the door to check on you and you were sitting in the yard with this enormous wolf's head in your lap. I did not yell to you, I very calmly asked you to come inside. You argued but came in. Wolf did not kill any cattle once he came to live with us. It was before that fateful day and the ranchers were out hunting for him. Hence the injuries. The pads on his paws were raw meat. It was Dad that insisted that I get rid of Wolf as I was struggling trying to raise 2 children on my own. I sold him to a friend from Quincy who had fallen in love with him. He came home twice. The third time he had been taken to Nevada City. He jumped a 6 foot fence and was never seen again. I would like to think that he lived happily ever after in the forest.

Freaky Knitter said...

We had 2 wolf dogs, 1/2 German Shepherd, they were amazingly loyal and loving! Great story... ;-p

Mom said...
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Mom said...

I'm just going to leave my poem here.

The sun giving us warmth and light
The wind creating mussed hair and dust
The moon instigating high tides and romance
The stars making us dream and wonder and wish
The mountains helping us feel more secure
The lakes and oceans endowing us with life and recreation
The animals, ah yes, nature is the animals and love.