Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Memoirs of a crazy childhood....Chapter 2

I must have been 4ish when my mother and father sold that little trailer on Gentry Way and purchased the lot out in Reno Park (which is now called Cold Springs) .  It was at the end of the valley on the Bordertown side of Reno Park and it had a huge ditch to the right of the driveway.  I remember my mother and father bringing me and Stevie there to see where our brand new trailer would be.  My mom wouldn't let us out of her sight because there were ditches and holes everywhere, they must have been putting in the plumbing and the septic tank.  I am going to guess that is was some time in the very early 70's and I know that back then the trailers didn't have to be tied down like they do now.  I do remember that some or all of it had cinder blocks underneath it, and the steps to go inside were made of wood and were stained red.  I am sure at the time, my mother and father were never happier, they had their little girl, little boy, a dog names Lucky and a brand new piece of land with a new trailer on it.  I don't remember the address.......but I know that is where I learned to ride a 2 wheeler, I actually rode that bike right into the huge ditch to the right of the driveway.  It had rocks and sticker bushes in it with a drain pipe that went under the road. At the age of 4 it seemed like the Grand Canyon and I was going to die, but I survived and must not have been too traumatized since I ride a Harley now.......the ditch was probably a gully.  I had a lot of fun times there, ahhh to be a child again.

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Mom said...

Pretty accurate. The ditch actually was very, very deep. Not quite as deep as the Grand Canyon, but close. Actually, Bordertown is on the other side of the highway. We were on the east side.