Sunday, May 25, 2008

Biker Trash

Day 1 at Run-a-mucca was nice and relaxing, the fact that Jay walks with his cane for long distances took the embarrassment of driving at a bike run.  BUT we were the only dry bikers there.  We started out with the poker run which started at the Red Lion  Inn in Winnemucca, there were 5 stops and one bonus stop at a Brothel which Stevi was fascinated with,  we also had a free BBQ at the TA Truck stop around 25 miles West of Winnemucca in a town called Mill City.  All the people who volunteered for the poker run were awesome, but some were a little strange, Jay got the same uncomfortable feeling that I got when I was in Doyle, Ca.  It is so weird how that happens sometimes.  When we went to the Brothel,  I told Stevi not to be shocked if she saw one or two of the prostitutes and that they may not have many clothes on, as we walked into the bar area, I checked to see if it was ok for her to come in, it was and she did, and there was a "working" girl sitting at the bar in a fluffy pink bathrobe.  She was very nice and talked to Stevi, who was absolutely fascinated with her 6" clear stilletto platform shoes.  We had a conversation about why a woman might choose that as a profession, or not have a choice, and Stevi was a little sad for the girl, because she seemed so nice, and I am sure she was, and was probably very pretty at one time, but the few young years that she had in her had not been very kind.  Then we went and watched the Stunt jumpers and Stevi's stomach hurt  her so bad because one of the jumpers named Devon almost didn't make a jump and you could see how nervous he was and tense, his head just wasn't in it after that so it was nerve racking, especially since they are doing all their stunts way up in the air over the blacktop parking lot.  Then, off to the burn-out competition where they object of the competition is to do a burnout until you blow your tire.  I don't know how much a tire goes for on the crotch rocket that was in the competition, but the tire that the guy on the Fat Boy blew is $169, Ummmm no thanks, and stinky! Whew!!  Smoke everywhere!  After the burning bike, we were on our way back to the Holiday Inn and Jay flipped a U-turn and took us to see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.  It was a full day, after the movie we got to ride up the elevator with some drunk Vago's which were looking like they had been partying all day, and it was 11pm and the 'Ol Lady told her 'Ol Man that she wanted to go back downstairs a little later and have another beer......a little later.......It is already 11, I am truly a grandma!  I am going to BED!

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Mom said...

Yes. What a lovely time you must have had. I hope that you don't feel deprived because I never took you to a house of ill repute when you were younger. I always meant to, but just never found the time. Sorry.