Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am a little girl at heart.
I am Bubba on the outside.

I am in love with my family and with life.
I am a hard worker and  play hard and get down and dirty.

I am clean and pretty,
I am rough and tough.

I am Auntie Beautiful,
I am my mom's best friend.

I am biker trash,
I am full of class.

I am comfortable around you, and you and you.
I am not scared.

I am afraid not to live,
I am not afraid to die.

I am afraid not to love,
I am, look me in the eye.

I am soft, and hard.
I am laughter and tears.

I am not shy.
I am laugh till you cry.

I am dance like nobody is watching.
I am sing like nobody is listening.

I am not letting life pass me by.

I am who I am.


madre adoptiva said...

I love this!!

Mom said...

I've raised geniuses! Beautiful geniuses!