Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I miss my Dad.......

I miss my dad yelling at me at tax time,
telling me I have to keep my receipts in line.

I miss my dad telling me I look good for an old girl,
and watching him dance around in a jerky swirl.

I miss my dad blasting John Philip Souza,
and telling me jokes until I'm lost and confused uhhh!

I miss my dad bragging about us to every one he meets,
and telling all our stories, and repeats and repeats.

I miss my dad saying to me "You tell 'em cabbage you've got the head!"
And him not hearing everything I've said.

I miss my dad with the volume up on the TV,
and him hanging out with Jayson and Stevi.

I miss my dad coming over just to fall asleep,
and answering the remote control when he hears a beep.

I miss my dad telling me he's just so proud,
and I miss always having to talk  so loud.

I miss my dad... I just do,
I miss him so much more than I knew.......


Mom said...

Gave me a lump and a tear. Really, really good one, dear.

Anonymous said...

Carol says..OMG I'm speechless but not tearless!