Thursday, May 15, 2008


Back in January I entered a drawing at Sierra Sewing Center for free classes (click on Sew-in-stitches title) and I WON!  I never win anything, but this time it did! It was worth $100 so I put it towards a 4 week sewing class which started last Wednesday.  It is a level I  sewing class which is great, I have been playing around and taking quilting classes, however This class is geared towards garments.  I made a shirt for Stevi.....which apparently will eventually fall apart, thankfully, she is still growing.

    The first class  was more informational and we received our supply list which goes as follows:
  • Palmer/Pletsch apron for Artists and chefs Pattern (#001) $8
  • Fabric for apron (I chose purple and gold for the pocket)
  • Construction thread to match or contrast (Gold of course to contrast)
  • 60" tape measure
  • Seam gauge
  • Fine pins with glass heads, 1 3/8"(so you can iron over them and they don't melt)
  • Pin  cushion or magnetic tray
  • Chalk marking pencil-color that will show up on your fabric (I have blue and white....thank you Liz for the heads up!)
  • Scissors- 7",8" or 10" work well
  • Small scissors with sharp tip
  • Seam ripper (I broke my first one, now I have an industrial strength ripper!)
  • Pen or Pencil and notepad.

  When you start class they supply a binder and the list, we are responsible for everything else, but they do supply the machines which are Viking.  I do have to say, I prefer my Pfaff, but they say you fall in love with your first machine.  Day one was getting to know your machine, I have played enough that I was actually ahead of most everyone in class....they are true beginners, as I am, but it is nice to understand exactly what is going on!  We also made sample sheets for our binders for reference, I can now do a...
  •  Clean Finish which is.. Staystitching 1/4" from cut edge.  Turn fabric on stitched line and press.  Stitch folded edge, using regular stitch length.  Used to finish the edge of a facing or hem. 
  •  Directional Staystitching..Single layer of fabric.  Regular stitch length, 1/8" inside from finished seam.  Use on curved an bias cut edges to keep them from stretching out of shape.
  • 5/8" Seam..Use guide on machine throat plate.  Press flat then press open.  This is most common way of joining two pieces of fabric in garment construction.  It is the standard seam allowance width.
  • Grading...Trim the layers of seam allowance to different widths so they don't all end at one point.  Used to eliminate bulk in seams.  Prevents distinct ridge from showing on the right side.
  • Understitching.....Press seam.  Stitch from right side using regular stitch length.  Pull seam allowances to facing side (not garment side) and catch all layers in stitching.  Stitch 1/8" from seam.  Used to keep seams in place and weight facing to keep it from flipping out.
  • Clipping and Notching.....Clip inward curves.  Notch outward curves.  Pinking shears can be used for notching.  Used to eliminate the bulk in seam allowance.
  I wish my sister could take this class with me....she is great at self taught sewing and I am sure she knows how to do all these things, but it sure makes sense when an instructor explains why and when to use these different stitches.  I am taking level II in June, which is Thursday evenings and it will go over making a robe......Liz I would love it if you could join me!!!  Toodles!


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Chrissy said...

Jack has proof that you are an amazing sewer! He has a pirate quilt to prove it!