Friday, May 9, 2008


Wow, today was definitely Freaky whole, yes whole family ( I am not sure about me) talks in their sleep.  So last night   after Jay had a full conversation about changing his chain on his motorcycle, he went downstairs because he kept waking me up.  So this morning as I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, my son was just rolling in from the night club.....I hopped in the shower then when I got out, Stevi was in my bed asleep.......hmm not sure if she was in there when I woke up.  Anyways I gave her a kiss on the forehead and she said to me, in a very mumbling almost drunk voice "Get my costume.....I go on in 2."  OK, where is her costume and 2 what, minutes, hours, days, weeks, counts.  Not sure, then Jayson asked me what was wrong with Dad downstairs, and my reply was "What do you mean?"  Jayson...."He just told me he can't find his book and he needs it really bad!"  Ummm Jay doesn't read, maybe it was a book on repairing motorcycle chains?  Then Stevi called me at work when she woke up...she said, "Daddy is funny, he is asleep and he just said "Don't touch me there Honey it feels funny".......Ok, well that was just with my family. Then I started work at 6am, yes, I know, I am a crazy hairdresser but my clients must be just as crazy because they show up for every 6am appointment they make, AND being as wonderful as they are they usually bring me my skinny venti cinnamon Dulce from Starbucks......I take care of them, they take care of me, I think that is a fair trade...ANYWAYS.....the other girls usually don't show up until after 10 am on Fridays, but alot of the time I have Fridays all to myself, so I keep the front door locked while I am in the back with my clients, who all know to ring the doorbell if the door is locked.  I was deep into a very intense conversation with my third client who started at 8:00 and was doing a color on her, I thought I heard footsteps upfront, but I never heard the door or the bells I have hanging off the door handle, so I very cautiously crept to my doorway and leaned out into our small hallway and stood face to face with another person and we were both screaming at the top of our lungs! AAHHHHHHHHHHH!  Then laughter, thank God, it was just Paige, one of my hairdressers who works in a front booth.  Oh my Gosh, we looked like a couple of idiots, but my client just looked at us dumbfounded and never even cracked a smile........hmmm, I thought it was amusing......then, I actually learned something today, my client Nichole Abbott, who is not only beautiful but extremely smart, I think she is finishing college as a rocket scientist or biochemist, I should remember these things, but anyways....she is a beautiful brainiac.  She speaks a few languages on top of it, and she bought some reconstructor from me by Bain de Terre, which apparently means bath of the earth, AND  I learned that my sister is a pescotarian.....not a vegetarian  because a pescotarian will actually eat fish and other seafood.  Wow, thanks Nichole, I always love to learn new things.  And then at the end of my Freaky Friday, I found out if I buy season tickets to the Reno Astros, it works out to $2.50 per ticket, what great family fun for SO cheap!! (click on FREAKY FRIDAY title for link).  So I just ran Stevi to her voice coach and to Wal-mart for peanuts and sunflower seeds (and I just had to have a 3 Muskateers bar) to bring to the game, looks like hot dogs tonight for dinner!!! We better sleep with a can of room spray.     Almost forgot....I had to go to my optometrist to get my contacts checked and driving home without them was like playing Frogger, I actually thought a sign on the side of the road was a motorcycle so now I have on old glasses and I can barely see, so I apologize for any weird spelling or missing words!!!  Off to the ball game!!! Hope a ball doesn't come towards me in the stands or I will end up with a black eye or a goose egg.

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Isn't that a description of a typical day in your life?