Monday, May 26, 2008

Honor Roll Awards Ceremony

Stevi may be spoiled but I feel like we are the ones who are  spoiled.  She has been and stayed on Honor Roll all through school, straight A's despite her 9 dance class a week schedule, with singing lessons, competition and recitals, she has never dropped below an A- and that was maybe two times at the most.  Her teachers all love her and say what a pleasure it is to have such a considerate student in their class.  She has been asking for a fish tank and yesterday she won a goldfish, so we finally gave in after looking at her report card.  We waited until today because the agreement was if she got up early and helped me around the house, I would have time to take her,  and since she is always such a huge help when I ask her,  we got our chores done in a little over 2 hours.  We got ready, picked up her friend Jeremy and went to Ofishal to see what they had.  Well lucky us, they were having a Memorial Day sale so the guy who worked their showed us a 25 gallon tank with complete set up for $159 OR the deal of the day was a 55 gallon set up for $40 more......what a deal, so since Jay and I had been talking about getting another fish tank, I sprung the extra $40 and wallah, the  20 cent goldfish went from an 8"X4" plastic rectangle to a 55 gallon tank.  Jay will take Stevi tomorrow to get her 6 hardy fish to acclimate the tank for a month and then she can start introducing other fish.  So far so good, so as of right now, we have one goldfish named Mystery, and he will be the one and only goldfish, the guy told us one is plenty because they are the dirtiest fish,  but with the set up we got, the tank should need a filter change and cleaning once a month.  After a month is up, we will get a sucker fish to help us out because the tank needs to naturally build algae.

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Mom said...

That one little goldfish must think that he died and went to heaven! Can you even find him in there? Love the pirate skull. Can't wait to see the new additions.