Friday, May 2, 2008


I have been tagged by MADREADOPTIVA for this MEME.......

What was I doing 10 years ago?
 Well, Jay and I lived in a trailer in a trailer park (HEY IT WAS A DOUBLE WIDE)  and we were getting it ready to sell so we could by the house we are in now.....I drove a Ford Escort 4 door, Stevi was still in a car seat and Jayson was in 7th grade at O'Brien Middle School.  I worked at Exoticut on 7th St.  We had a Rottweiler and a Boxer (yes we were true trailer trash). 

My to do list.......
  1. Order Cookie Lee Jewelry
  2. Set up Blue tooth in BMW
  3. Download common forms from Nevada Department of Taxation
  4. Call Hannah Foley Back
  5. Call Laura Worrell
  6. Call Darlene Biale back
  7. Call Latisha Lewis back
  8. Call Jodi Messini about her Monday evening Appt.
  9. Fill out Child ID Kit
  10. Call Pierre Sundland back
  11. Go to Joanne's and buy 1 1/8 yard Charcoal Jersey Knit
  12. Check on Robert Plant tickets
  13. Wax my eyebrows and mustache
  14. Call Chrissi about Jack coming over
  15. Call Lee Derbyshire re. her 10-2 appointment
  16. Go to Gesture with gift card 
  17. Dust Retail Shelf
  18. Blog
  19. Wash Car
  20. Call Wayne to replace breaker
  21. Call Dr. Ramsey
  22. Make Stevi orthodontist appointment
  23. Call Lynne S. about Sportster for sale
  24. Call Christi about our hair appointment
  25. Call Jamie Moralas back
  26. Pick up ring from Zales
  27. Get coffee at Bed Bath and Beyond
  28. Pay Sierra Sewing Center for 6 week class balance
  29. Balance Checkbook
  30. Pay Bills
  31. Get Boston Moisture Lotion for contacts
  32. Empty supply shipment boxes
  33. Fill out survey for Sierra Skin Institute
  34. Make Deposit
  35. Get Dave's stuff together
  36. Check out website
  37. Zip tie banner to fence
  38. Call Tammi Micelli back
  39. Sweep and mop Salon
  40. Call Latisha Lewis re, Vocal coach lessons for Stevi
  41. Look up Micheal Isreal on youtube
  42. Call Dr. Rowan and move appointment back a week
  43. Polish nails
  44. Empty all Salon garbage's

What I actually did.......
  1. Ordered Jewelry
  2. Set up Blue tooth
  3. Downloaded forms and went to Taxation department and got caught up on my sales tax
  4. Called Hannah and she came in
  5. Called Laura back
  6. Called Darlene and she came in
  7. Called Latisha and she came in, (and gave me a card for voice lessons)
  8. Played phone tag with Jodi, ended up texting her, but I see her Monday for her color
  9. Called Pierre and rearranged his appointment and he came in
  10. Got my facial hair taken care of during my facial(I still need to do my eyebrows)
  11. Called Chrissi, Jack is coming Sunday and Tuesday...Yay!
  12. Blogged.......a few times...I am addicted!
  13. Saw Dr. Ramsey during my facial and changed my prescription
  14. Picked up my lost a beget
  15. Balanced checkbook
  16. Paid all my bills thru May.........ahhhhhhh
  17. Went to Walgreen and bought Boston Moisture and 0 calorie flavored waters for clients who do not want wine, tea, water, coffee or hot chocolate
  18. Emptied and priced my supplies
  19. Jay came and put my banner up on the fence (it reads "Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine with any service at Salon Moxie 825-1968
  20. Called Tammi and rescheduled her appointment
  21. Swept Salon
  22. Left message with Latisha about voice lessons
  23. Put Micheal Isreal's video on my blog
  24. Rescheduled my eye doctor appointment with Dr. Rowan
  25. Polished my nails
  26. Took boxes out to the dumpster, never got around to emptying garbage's, but I did clean all the color bowls and do EVERYONES dishes that were in the sink

 Snacks I enjoy.......
  1. Yogurt
  2. fruit
  3. chocolate
Things I would do if I were a Billionaire...
  1. Make sure my family and Jay's family was completely taken care of financially
  2. Travel the world with all of them, on a cruise ship of course
  3. Open an all Green Salon that would be gorgeous but comfy
  4. Donate a ton of money to Breast Cancer Research
  5. Open a Gym.....all green again
  6. Get a facial every 4 weeks
  7. Only work when I want to, but yes, I think I would still work, I love my clients
  8. Go to the Bunko Tournament in Vegas and take our whole group
  9. Get a new wardrobe for me, my mom, my sister and my mother and sister New York of course, before we all went to the theatre.
  10. Do you really want me to keep going?  I could..........
Bad Habits.......
  1. Embarrassed to say but here goes....picking my nose while driving. (did I just divulge that?)
  2. Cursing ( I wish I didn't, I hate it)
  3. Clenching my fists all the time
Places I've lived......
  1. Reno
  2. Sparks (Oh yeah, I'm a world Traveler)
Jobs I've had......
  1. Kentucky Fried Chicken
  2. Kinney's Shoe Store
  3. Long's Drugs
  4. Denny's (3 different locations)
  5. National Spa network
  6. Spalding
  7. Brooke's Clothing Store
  8. Piercing Pagoda
  9. Webb's Travel Trailers
  10. DeBard Plumbing
  11. Avon
  12. Jafra
  13. Matrix International
  14. Cost Cutters
  15. Premier Salons Inc.
  16. Creative Cuts
  17. Exoticut
  18. Now...Salon Moxie, my own place
People who have interesting Blogs that I would like to tag......
  1. (Liz but she tagged me, her blog is my favorite)
  2. My World, Perry, who I don't know at all, but his blog makes my smile everyday
  3. (None of my other friends blog enough but I wish Pegasis Rider would and CharlieJ because they would have so much to say that would be interesting)


Chrissy said...

How on earth do you get so much accomplished?! It's like there are 5 of you!

madre adoptiva said...

Wow... you sure do a lot.

You should really link to the people you're tagging so the rest of us can go check them out.

Mom said...

You are truly the Energizer bunny and you have been since the day you were born. If I just had a quarter of your energy I could accomplish great things. Hey! Wait a minute - I have accomplished great things! You and Steve and madreadoptiva!