Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Melrose Place @ the Lynch house

Kevin loves Brittney, Brittney loves Casper, Casper hates Kevin and whenever Brittney teases them both, she seems satisfied that Casper and Kevin are fighting over her.  Brittney loves to hit the tanning bed because it is so warm.  Bob is the best looking of the group but he  is kind of a loner and just wants to be left alone.  The twins, Pugsly and Wednesday, are either crackheads or they have A.D.D.  They just  love the pick on everyone and get everyone riled up.  They are brats but fun to watch in action.  And Mystery was a bit neurotic, he would have anxiety attacks and hide, but then this morning, the twins attacked him and I think he was having issues because he died.  I don't know if the twins killed him or just pushed him along, but the sad thing is, Mystery is gone.  He went to the big white tidy bowl in the sky.  I am so glad we got this fish tank, it was boring around here before we did.( P.S.  the tanning bed is the heater.)


Perry said...

Poor Mystery....... He was so young. (The twins did it!)

Mom said...

You/re right, Perry. No Mystery there!