Sunday, May 25, 2008

Biker Trash

Day 2 of Run-a-mucca was not as rainy until we were on the way home, the poker run was actually called a poker stagger which means all the stops are within walking distance
so you can drink at each stop.  Since we don't drink, we completed the whole 5 stop poker run in 42 mins.  Sooooooo we hit the  County Fair and I decided it would be nice to go on the rides with Stevi since  she was such a trooper in the rain and with all the biker trash and prostitutes and crackheads running around.  So I went on rides 6 to be exact until the last ride, the Star Trooper, that goes round and round forwards and backwards and I had to put my hand over my mouth because I almost threw up, I had to beg them to stop the ride, and literally had it in the back of  my throat and thought I was going to blow as I staggered off the ride.  I am sure I was green, lets put it this way, we did not make it to the Zipper.  After that, I was done, for the day, so Stevi played games and Stevi won on a dart game, a Chris Brown picture, the Star shoot-out game she won 2 roses and on the Toss-em game, she won a gold fish.......wonderful.  So now we have a goldfish named Mystery.  Then we went to eat at the Flyin' Pig and hit the road, I slept most of the way home because I was scared I was going to get car sick, because even the two club soda's didn't even settle my granny stomach.  So, now I am home, and I survived another Rain-a-mucca!  Check out the sign that 
someone re-did in the middle of the night, it is pretty funny and 
I wonder how many people actually noticed it since most of the time we don't even read signs that are right in front of our faces, I thought it was hilarious. (Mom, if you don't know what a salad toss is, I'll tell you later, I am sure you know what weed is.)


Mom said...

Salad toss? Of course I know what a weed is. I'm sure to have plenty this year with all this rain.

Perry said...

Nice weekend adventure! Brings back a lot of my days as a "biker", what ever that is. :-) Had not herd of a "1%er" in a long time and I doubt they exist these days. Posers, for sure. I've done Daytona Speed Week, Sturgis on my FLHP. Always the loaner. Been coast to coast 3 times too. Glad to have done it, can't get that in a classroom. But, as I approach five-oh, I like having warm feet on my beemer (you might like it) and keeping out of the rain, which is still daily. (Cages have their use!) :-)