Friday, May 23, 2008


It's called Run-a-mucca, it happens every Memorial Day weekend.  They definitely should change the name to Rain-a-mucca (click on title).  It is like a small town mini version of Street Vibrations.  Every time we have gone, it has been really crappy, I mean, snow, rain, hail, wind.  But because it gets us out of town we go.  This year we are actually driving because Stevi was having a fit that she had to ride for 3 1/2 hours on the back of Jay's that should mean that it will clear up, they can thank us for it later, we are at least going to take the Harley truck so we look somewhat like bikers, R.U.B.  is what the 1%'s call it, which is an acronym for rich urban biker.  Oh well.......if any of you have seen the movie Wild Hogs, you probably remember the rain scene, been there done that, and since Stevi has also, she knows how miserable it can be when you are wet and cold, she won so we are driving, and doing the poker runs in a cager.  So wish us luck, hopefully the Del Fuegos won't run us off the road and steal our truck!!

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Mom said...

I'll bet that you ran into all kinds of del Fuegos in Winnemucca.