Monday, May 5, 2008

Memoirs of a crazy childhood....Chapter 1

Sometimes you are not sure if it's a memory or a story someone told you that makes it a memory, but I am going to start this segment of my blog with my earliest childhood memory......I think we lived somewhere downtown or near downtown in Reno in a trailer park, I am sure it was a single wide trailer and my father drove a cab for a living? Or maybe that was a dream, either way it's my story so I will tell it how I remember it.  He drove a cab and my mother must have stayed home with me, she always seemed to be there.  I must have been very young, 3 or 4?  But I remember lots of snow and playing outside in the snow.  I'm sure it was mommy who taught me to make snow angels because that is what mommies do.  I think we had a station wagon but I could be wrong, and I am sure my mom had a friend in the trailer park, but I don't remember her name.  I think in those days we didn't have much, but times where good.  I think we even got snowed in a couple of times.  Well it's not much, but that is my earliest memory.....or story I remember.  Stevie (my brother) wasn't born yet, it was just me, so maybe I was younger, can a person remember that far back? Hmmmmmmm


Mom said...

Okay. We did live in a trailer park off of Gentry. The 395 freeway goes through it now. You were about 3 1/2 yrs old and Stevie had already been born. He was around 6 mos when we moved there and around 20 mos when we left. I stayed home and babysat Joey and Sissy who also lived in the trailer park. Your father worked as an assistant buyer for the kitchens and bakery at Harrah's. It's amazing that you remember so much. We sold that trailer and bought property and a new mobile home in Cold Springs and I know that you have memories of Paula's pony J.J. running away with you and memories of your first pony Tonka.

Perry said...

GREAT idea for a blog! All of us should do this!! I'm the oldest of 6 and it would be cool if we all did one each or together, like a family wikki. Don't stop!

Tracy said...

That is a lot of details to rememember from when you were so young!!