Monday, May 12, 2008

Tales from the Chair Chapter 9

WAY TO GO HANNAH!!!...It still amazes me the way technology works....back in the day, if something was stolen, you would file a police report and hope that they would find it, or sometimes if you were lucky it would show up in a pawn shop......probably 70% of the time, it was gone.  My first client told me a story, her name is Mallory and she is married to Josh, who used to be a professional snowmobile racer.  He had a sponsor called Team Wicked.  Josh keeps his snowmobiles on a trailer at his grandfathers house off of Kings Row in Reno.  Last week his grandmother went outside to take the garbage out and came back into the house and asked grandpa if Josh had gone snowmobiling that day because the trailer, which had 3 snowmobiles and all their gear on it, was not there.  Well needless to say, no, Josh had not taken it but somebody else had.  Josh and Mallory are young and newly married, so you can imagine the financial hardship this would cause them, that it would cause ANYONE.  So Mallory sent out messages on My Space and sent out text messages to all her friends and family to let them know it had been stolen, then filed a police report.  Enter Little Sister Hannah.  Hannah goes to school at McQueen and was not supposed to have her cell phone on, but that  day she did and when she got the message from her big sister, she made announcements in every one of her classes that her big sister got her trailer and all her snowmobiles and equipment stolen.

     Two days later............Hannah gets a phone call from a girl she goes to school with named Emily.....Emily says, "There is a trailer in the park by my house that fits the description of the trailer your sister got stolen."  Hannah calls Mal, Mal says "I am not going to get too excited, but call her back."  Hannah calls Emily.....Emily.."Do you want me to walk down and take a look, it's just right down the street?"  So Hannah stays on the phone while Emily walks down the street and when she gets there describes the trailer to Hannah....."It has a NorCal sticker on it and a Team Wicked Racing sticker on it..." "THAT'S IT, THAT'S IT!"  yells Hannah.  So she calls Mallory and Mallory drives over there while Emily stays by the trailer until she gets there.  It was Hannah's sister's trailer, and not one thing was missing from it.  The trailer was stolen and only missing for 2 days, apparently from what Mallory can gather, because the trailer has a special connection because it is a larger ball that Josh has on his truck, it was probably moving around quite a bit and so they just dumped it.  Way to use your resources Mallory and good job Hannah!!!!  You guys make a great team, since Hannah is on her way to college I think she should get into journalism or some type of detective style work.  Quite impressive you guys,  way to go.  I asked Mal how she is going to prevent this from happening again?  She said they took the tires off of the trailer since they only use it in the winter, so if it happens again it will be quite comical.  Let that be a lesson to anyone with a trailer out front, apparently this happens frequently so protect your belongings and if at all possible, maybe you should take the wheels off your trailers as well.


Mom said...

Amazing that the high school kids found it and not the police. Don't they patrol parks? One of the gals here had her camper stolen from her driveway out in Cold Springs. Still no sign of it.

Tracy said...

I am so glad that it was found!!!