Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Im Scared by Fear has never stopped me before...

Today is the day I will go back to CrossFit.  I am a little scared, mainly because last time I went it REALLY hurt.  4 weeks is long enough.  Did you know it only takes 72 hours for your muscles to atrophy?  Nice huh? It took me 10 hard weeks of 6 days a week training to feel amazing, take my muffin top off, lose 4 yes 4 belt hole sizes and lose 4 lbs. (which doesn't matter to me as muscle weights much more than flabby fat).

I hobble around with my boot for now, didn't follow Dr.'s orders because when you are a hairdresser during the Holiday season, you are a machine, not a human being, although I do have to say 99% of my clients were very sympathetic to me and more than helpful.  Funny, last year I got mainly Starbuck's Cards, this year.... Alcohol.  Guess they could see I needed it.  

For 10 weeks my therapy was exercise, running 3 days a week, CrossFit 3 days a week and a weekly hike with my Mom of usually 10 miles to substitute a day for more "us" time.

Needless to say, I won't be running, hiking or snowshoeing for awhile but I can walk, I can do modified exercises at CrossFit and hope that after my January 16th appt. with the Orthopedic Surgeon I can start Physical Therapy rather that having to re-break it and put a pin in it and start over, since again "I didn't exactly follow Dr.'s orders".
I have been needing Vicodin, which I ran out of a few days ago and have been relying on Advil and Tylenol, which I now know are absolutely no comparison.  I've been to the Chiropractor twice and was in extreme pain due to relying on my right side of my body to do all the work.  I woke up with a little bit of pain in my back but for the first time in 3 days, I CAN MOVE MY NECK!!!
So Im off to work, I will have my coffee with a little something to help the pain in my lower right back, but at 5 pm tonight, you will not be able to reach me for an hour.....I will be with my Mom and Kat Baltierra at my new Zen Zone...Cross Fit of Sierra Nv. 
Make Today Count.
I will.

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