Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday, Monday......yes, it sure is.......

Pretty much......
 How many Mondays are there?  Too many. Monday and I generally don't get along.  Lets take today as an example........

1. Slept through my alarm for an hour and a half because I turn my ringer down during the week while Jay isn't here snoring away.  When I set it last night, not only did I leave my ringer all the way down on two........I put my earplugs in because of Jay's snoring.

Coffee Please
2. Jumped out of bed as nimbly as one would expect with this boot on my ankle to call my first client who should be in about 15 minutes from my waking only to find that in the 15 years of doing her hair, I have never gotten her cell phone number.  When she got home she got some pretty panicked OMG messages.

3.  Needed my coffee, so called my second client and told her what I had done and asked her if she could give me an extra half hour to get down there, thankfully I had taken my bath the night before and went to bed with my hair wet, so I had a 'pretty fantastic' hairdo going on.

4. As I am talking to client number two, my coffee cup vibrated off of my Tassimo machine and hit the counter, then bounced on the floor spraying coffee all over the kitchen.  Yes it was full.

5. Spritz the craziness out of my Gene Wilder hair and get dressed, start putting my make-up on only to discover that I put lip gloss on my eyelids instead of eyeshadow primer.  Sticky and eyes were glued wide open.......but very sparkly.

6. Got to work, had two clients reschedule, which wasn't too bad because I had my Mom in the afternoon and so we had lunch and a Margarita. (Much needed)

7.  On my was home, my girls night got canceled because my friends' kiddo isn't feeling well, bummed but we are on our way to drop off some "Possicles" to him and grab some Panda Express, I will end this evening with a glass of Menage a Trois.

8.  Whew!!!! False alarm! Just got the call.....we still get to go over!!! Yay me! Monday wasn't that bad after all!!!!

Better lock me up, it's Monday!

Thanks for waking me up kiddo

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Elaine said...

Yay! I'm glad that your girls night is back on! Have fun girls!