Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Business is tough, time for me to be tough too....

Once upon a time, life was economically good, actually it was great.  I was working 12-14 hour days 6 days a week, doing hair shows, then owned my own small salon. I was making great money and on top of that had a nice 2100 sq. foot two story with room to spare, and in our garage and drive way, a nice newer truck for Jayson to drive, a new truck for Jay, a brand new BMW SUV for me and 4 Harley's.

Angie at the hairshow in 2008
At that time and since I started to do hair I felt blessed enough to do my whole family and Jays family and the kids friends for free, yes $0.  Every now and then, they would give me a couple dollars.  My Dad always gave me $2, he insisted, he said I should NEVER work for free...(he was an accountant.  But felt that I was doing so well, I wanted to share some of that with my loved ones.

Well, the economy has dumped.  I am humbled now into driving a used, yet nice Honda, Jay has that same new truck which is now 6 years old.   We lost our house , I closed my business down and sold 2 Harley's then I got mine Repossessed .  I found a great Studio to work in and my supplies and rent to work have gone up while my clientele has gone down to 3 full 8 hour days if I'm lucky, but still pay for full time rent just in case...and yes that is lucky these days.

Yet, I still feel the need to do free hair? Even Joe, my mom's old hairdresser said "When you are in business there is no such thing as friends and family and never get caught up in trading, if you can't afford a service, you can't afford that 'free' space on your books."  23 years ago he gave me that smart advice as did my Dad.  Just in December alone, with my broken ankle, I did over $2000 in trades and family members.  My supplies cost me about that a month and my rent is $600. Our family is forever expanding, as are my friendships and my children's.  I give Stevi's friends 40% off because they are kids, My mom and Jay's mom always take me to a nice lunch which I need with the mom's so they are more than appreciated.

I understand times are tough, but my name is Bubba and it's time for me to be tough.  I am the CEO and founder of my own company so to speak, but I still love and feel the need to take care of my family.  Joe even charged his wife at a discount he said!  I was appalled but as this has gotten out of hand and there have been day's I have paid to work so even Jay, Stevi and Jayson will be paying for services... Funny I know, but I'm killing myself and paying to work when I run a business and that is not o k. So I'm sorry family and loved ones dear to me.  But I feel this is fair....

My baby Peepers
Mom's... Lunch (I can't give that trade up)
Trade's...Even Steven either of us pay the difference if it needs to be done (I can't give up my exercising, it is all I do!!)
Family...60% off all services, which is cheaper that just about anywhere in town.
Best friends of family 20% off all services unless you are under 18 then 40% off.

Mom working it!

Me and Christi
Professional discount to co-workers 50% off.

I'm sorry if this doesn't fit into everyone's budget, but unfortunately, the freebies aren't fitting into mine.  I love you all but I need to start acting like a business woman and quit feeling I need to take care of everyone else first. 


Lynnae said...

Lisa that was very powerful, and hit home with me MORE than you know. I need to take this and run with it. Good for you!!! Very inspiring. Good luck to you!!!

spiker said...

Truer words were never spoken before! Though I love being able to make the world beautiful, there is a price.