Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My life in a fish bowl...

I live in a fishbowl....don't we all?  With today's technology...FB, texting, smart  phones.  We live in a now world.  People post on FB what they had for breakfast, where they are...that their dog just barked at them.  Jay says I share way too much....My life is an open book.

Just Me...

It's not always pretty, or perfect, or happy or sad.  I laugh, I cry, I get down and then I snap out of it.  Usually the glass is half full, sometime I realize that I think it's half empty with a hole in it.
I write because I am living in this world just like you are.  Some of us are struggling a lot more than others.  Some of us, their glasses are filling up, some have spilled over.  I just write so the people that choose to read me, feel that they are not alone in this world.  We are all going through tough times.  Some of us chose to smile and keep going forward.  Some of us have stopped to take a nap and others have chosen to throw in the towel one way or another , or unfortunately completely.
Dumb and Dumber
Murphy's tree house
In my actual fish tank at home I have a new fish because he was the bully on his old block.  His name was Mick for a minute I call him Red.  He is hiding in the same spot everyday.  I have a bully in my tank who has let him know who the Alpha fish is.  He is a Cyclid also known as Asshole.  My two big koi which I can't remember their names are now referred to as Dumb and Dumber, they have hearts of gold and try to protect Red from Asshole but in the mean time, the calico has hit the heater so hard while swimming, he knocked himself out.  He really did, he fell to the bottom then floated to the top...I was flabbergasted!  I thought he went Kamikaze on me and died trying to protect Red.  But Dumber snapped out of it as he floated to the top of the tank and then floated around like Dora in finding Nemo for awhile.

Then there is  our Placostimous Murphy, I can't get a picture of him he's hiding in the tree trunk and  only comes out at night in the dark.  He is shy and a loaner, minds his own business and as you can see, from the tank, he isn't exactly doing his job.  I think he has thrown in the towel and become reclusive.  I had to recently re-arrange my whole tank because of Red and Asshole.  They say if you have a dominant fish in a tank to change it around because  they get confused and have to reclaim their territory all over again so they all start on the same page.  Right now I think we are all on the same page.  Sink or swim.
I used to be Asshole as a kid, I had a LOT of anger issues.  Now I am more like Dumb and Dumber just getting through life day by day, sometimes hitting the glass because I am swimming to fast, sometimes going along full speed ahead and knocking myself out.  Some days I feel like Red and I just want to be left alone and I have had days like Murphy where I want to lock myself away from the world so no one can see me and pretend I'm not there.

Every day I'm a different fish in my fish bowl, I just chose to let you watch through the glass, sometimes my tank is dirty, sometimes it's clean, but the fact that you are reading this gives me hope that maybe, just maybe I am making a difference.  Making someone feel, whether it is a smile, a laugh, tears, fear or joy.  I choose to share because my life is an open book.  I have nothing to hide and it's not always going to be sunshine , and a clean tank.  I just want you to know you're not alone.  Today I chose to be more like Dumb and go through today , getting stuff done in frantic confusion........Which fish are you?

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Elaine said...

I think that I'm pretty much a Murphy. And I don't keep the tank very clean either!