Saturday, January 14, 2012

A puzzling OCD Saturday..Gettin' er Done......

My Mom and Liz working on the first puzzle
Saturdays are our day as a family to get stuff done.  On today's list, first thing in the morning was to go to my Mom's house and install her garage door opener and rain diverters that all of us kids pitched in for for Christmas.  As the boys were out in the garage where they belonged, the girls were in the house, singing, dancing, doing the puzzle and making fun of each other for all of our OCD tendencies that we obviously get from our mother.  Who knew my baby sister Liz was such a puzzle freak and control freak over the puzzle?  She apparently had a system and we weren't doing it the "proper way".  
Jay and Dallas putting in my mom's first garage door ever!
As we spent the morning finishing the puzzle and listening to Stevi, Willow and Sage singing in perfect harmony to Justin Beiber songs, we finished the puzzle that my mom got for Christmas, (I traditionally get her one every year, although this year she got a bonus puzzle since I bought it at Costco).  
Missing 1 piece 'Where's Waldo', can you find it?
There was one piece missing.
It was driving my Mom crazy..(OCD move #1)  so we pretty much turned her house upside down looking for it.  Under the keyboard, the rug, behind the door, the speaker, behind and under it, Liz crawling on the floor using her hands and rubbing the rug like a crack-head looking for a rock that may have dropped. (OCD move #2).
I wanted to box up the puzzle as is and give it to my son Jayson just to drive him and his fiance' Guoda crazy like my mom and my sister.  Then my mom brightens up and says.."The vacuum bag!  I bet I vacuumed it up!"  It actually, believe it or not took my sister and I some convincing to get my mom to cut it open outside instead of on the kitchen floor, because, are you ready for this?  'She didn't want all that dirt outside in her backyard, which is all dirt.......'  I know (OCD #3).
My mom cutting open the vacuum bag
She wanted to put a bag down on the kitchen floor and go through it in the kitchen.  She finally gave in to me and Liz telling her that it really did make more sense to do this outside.  We chose the front yard, which is dirt also. (Hey! She has natural landscaping)
She and Liz dug through the vacuum bag and found the missing puzzle piece! (#4)
So the puzzle was finished!  Complete, then (OCD#5) we started the other puzzle and Liz micro-managed us the whole time we were working on the border, apparently there is a certain protocol to puzzle making (OCD#6).  I had to leave to go finish my daily list.  They may have to puzzle done.....
Our two amazing men.........

Liz adding the lost piece

Stevi, Willow and Sage, reading the lyrics and singing Justin Beiber songs

Dallas adding the final touch



Elaine said...

Yes, we all may be a little bit OCD, but you also have a tendency to exaggerate just a little. What the heck is "Gustapo"??

Bubba said...

Gustapho? I don't know he was a general of some sort for Hitler wasn't he?

Elaine said...

Ah hahahaha! You crack me up!

Bubba said...