Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Animals seek revenge, Believe me.........

Murphy McMurphMurph
You do know that animals remember, right?  That is what I kept telling Stevi.  She and Murphy fight like siblings.  It is ridiculous !  Stevi is constantly telling Murphy to get out of her room and stay out of her stuff.  I told her, he does it to annoy you because you are responding to him.  Almost as if he is taunting her.

Yesterday they had a pretty good fight, Stevi threw Murphy out of her room, and ended up with approximately a 3" long scratch on her hand.

Don't piss him off
I have no problems with Murphy.  He is "Lance Romance" with me.  Every morning around 3 am, he comes in from his nightly prowl and climbs onto my pillow and starts hugging , loving and purring.  

Then there is Stevi.  Whenever he sees her he wraps his arms around her foot and tries to trip her. She promptly yells "Murphy! I hate you and pushes him away."

Sunday night after their fight, Jay and I were laughing about it and I said..."You better be careful Stevi!  He is just playing with you now, but he is going to really get you one of these days!"

He did.

We went to our friends' house to watch the Bachelor. When we got  home, Stevi said "It smells like crap in my room."   Then she yelled out and started gagging "I HATE YOU MURPHY!!!'' around three or four times as she was gagging.
He plays with the dogs, I think he may be the Alpha

She left her project that is due by the end of class tomorrow on the floor.  He somehow summoned up diarrhea and decorated her class project for her. He has never gone to the bathroom in the house, we even got rid of the cat box because he uses the doggie door.  After she yelled at him and threw away her project gagging the whole time, she looks over at him and he was in her doorway , cleaning his behind, very satisfied.

Don't piss him off........

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Elaine said...

Oh my goodness! Poor Stevi, BAD MURPHY!!