Thursday, January 19, 2012

True Love..............

 Has it really been over 4 years?  I guess it has.  Jayson went through girls so fast when he was younger I didn't want to get to know them because I am the kind of person who falls in love with a person for who they are when I meet them.  I remember the first time I saw her sitting on my couch.  Jayson was watching Jack for Chrissi and there was a beautiful young girl sitting there just smiling.

New in the relationship
 My first thought was, too soon, don't look at her.  But that young girl, stood up, towered over me in my own home and stuck her hand out to introduce herself to me, looked me in the eye and said "Hi, my name is Guoda."  That was it, I was screwed, she gave me eye contact.  I tried to walk away, but I remember going into the kitchen and thinking, why is she here with my son, who has this brand new baby to take care of?
Always smiling these two...
 I looked back at her and she was looking at him and Jack and I thought......Oh no.  At the time, I wasn't sure that Jayson was ready to have a baby let alone a relationship.  He had just received a MIC (Minor in Consumption the day before his 21st birthday ) and was on his way to jail on Nov. 7th 2007 when he asked her to be his girlfriend.
Or not...
 She actually called me crying and asked me what to do.  I told her to run the other direction as fast as possible..(sorry Jayse)  but she said "I can't , my mom told me too also, I just can't"  I told her..."Honey I can't tell you what to do, but follow your heart, just be careful...he will hurt you." She stuck by her bad boy.
 They met at a house party in October of 2007.  She leaned over to her friend and told her , "That boy will be mine, I'm going to marry him someday."
 That girl that I didn't want to get attached to, very quickly became part of our family.  She fits in on so many levels it's insane.  I love my son but many times I have told him, "If you mess this up, you are a complete idiot, you're out, she's in."
A normal conversation with my family at lunch at the Diner
 Not only has Guoda fit in, she has made my son realize the value of family, commitment and love.  He is so devoted to her it's almost sickening but as a mother, when I see them together my heart breaks with joy because she is "The One".  I know she is.  It hasn't always been easy for them or perfect, but love never is.  Love is patient, love is kind...You know the drill.  She has loved him through his good times and bad times.  She had a dream about them after the first time she saw him.  I believe that was a premonition dream.
Jayson, Guoda, Hart and Raider on my couch.
 Our family is forever expanding.  I can't wait to add her to our tree.  Stevi and Jay both love her as much as I do, she fits in like the missing puzzle piece.  She has made my son become a man I can be proud of.  She has completed him.  She is his better half.
At the Rodeo, Guoda's first time, she cried about the Momma and baby horses, reason #786 why I love her so much.
 Not only are they both working full time, she is going to school and got him to register! (Thank you Loverface!)  and she is so much like me and Stevi, her wedding is completely prepared for the end of June.

A normal family evening.
 Jayson was recently on the news for the Bridal Showcase, he was the only groom to be that would be interviewed, (red flag other brides!)  and I was never more proud when I heard his interview, every inch of him exuded a man completely in love with the woman he would spend the rest of his life with.
 Guoda has prepared furiously to the second.  Mind you, there is still 6 1/2 months left. She has the Venue secured, the Minister ready to go, the DJ , Cake, Invitations.  Florist, Photographer and her bridesmaids in order, (Stevi is so honored to be one of them)  Bridesmaids dresses were chosen by her beautiful maid of honor Justine, (That is going to be an incredibly beautiful bridal party, you have no idea!) and the Tuxes picked out.
 When June comes, I can't wait.  I will have another beautiful daughter that God has blessed me with.  Like the missing puzzle piece, she will always complete our family.
Engagement photos
 I am so proud of you both, and Guoda, welcome to our family.  I can't wait to call you my daughter-in-law.  I can't tell you how elated I truly am.
My personal favorite

In Grandma Harrington's famous rocker with Chyla

Stevi and Guoda celebrating Thanksgiving

So In Love.

That about sums it up


Elaine said...

Great post. Great girl. Our family is so blessed!

Liz said...

I really can't imagine our family without Guoda. I can't wait to call her my niece-in-law. Is that such a thing?