Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rated R (my filter is dirty sometimes too)

 I am not one of those people who changes to make people think I'm someone I'm not.  Sometimes, like this morning, my daughter was annoyed, irritated and didn't care much for me as I was driving her and her friend Sara to school.  I can be a bit much I know. But really that's who I am and why change at this point?  I'm not putting on a show, I really am this obnoxious.
 My clients know me as me.  For instance this morning I got a text from a client , who is married to another client and friend of mine, asking me if I could handle a quickie with my ankle like this.  My response was , "Only if you're a 2 pump chump or a 3 minute get r' done guy".... GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! My chair has hydraulics and I have to pump it up a couple times to get it to the appropriate level while cutting.
 I tell my clients I love them, because I do.  I hug them and  kiss some of them on the cheek, top of the head and sometimes on the lips, even the ladies.  I cry with them, get mad with them and plot the evil demise of someone who has hurt them, then forgive that person when they have.
 I tell them dirty jokes, some of my crazy stories and some of my stories that are real and painful.  They share their whole lives with me every time they sit in my chair.  I share that same respect and trust with them.  After all if they trust me with some of the crazy things they have told me, why shouldn't I trust them back.  We have had some real moments together, but we always manage to laugh because I can usually find something funny to throw in when it gets too deep.

It really used to bother Jay when I would walk up to someone he didn't know and I would  throw my arms around them, sometimes kiss them and hold their hands and chat away, in the middle of the mall, at a gas station, concert wherever that may be.  It probably still bothers him, but he knows that is who I am and he loves me for that and despite that.  Sometimes tells me to let things go.  What people don't realize is if I have 10 different clients a day, my day is a roller coaster.  The first may have just got engaged...Yay happiness, wedding plans , excitement.  The second may have just lost a parent to cancer... tears, sorrow, prayers, compassion.  Third one just caught her husband cheating with a friend of hers...anger, plotting and a lot of cussing!.. Client four may just want silence, no music, no conversation, it's the only time she gets that.  Client five wants the music pumped up and loud, jokes,  exchanging stories of  bar fight's and smashing a beer bottle over a guys head who jumped on her boyfriend.  Client six may have just found out her child is hooked on drugs, I listen and tell her my experiences and what I feel may help with a mothers broken heart.  Client seven may want to hear all about ME, how am I really doing, how is my family, how am I...Client eight had a terrible day at to Ben's and grab her favorite wine for her and have a glass waiting for her so she can relax and let it all out while I listen then take that bottle home and finish it off if she needs to.  Client nine is just exhausted, her husband may work out of town and she is driving 4 kids around and trying to keep a house somewhat organized, we offer to help each other when needed but both know that we are the kind of woman who never ask for help unless we are in a desperate situation. Client ten may have just found out her daughter is gay, and is trying to deal with it as I tell her stories of when my sister came out and how much love our family has because that is just who she is.

So I may be a little crazy, I don't have a split personality I have multiples but even though I need to adapt to each client like a Chameleon they know who I am.  I am the girl who will laugh, cry, go to the funeral, the wedding, baby shower, party , go to an AA meeting with you or Al-Anon , pray for you, meet you for coffee, lunch or dinner, dig the grave or have a glass of wine. I may be cussing through it all and when a filter is needed I always apologize for what may come out of my mouth but that is who I am, I am Lisa, I am their friend and always will be.  Take me or leave me, I have a filter, it just needs to be changed every now and then, but boy it gets dirty fast!!!

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Elaine said...

Great glimpse of what it takes to be the amazing hairdresser, friend, daughter that you are! I love you.