Friday, January 27, 2012

My Relaxing day off.....

 Today is my day off.  And just like every day off I have other than Sundays and the 1st of the month, it is more jam packed than any day I have to work.  It is now 2 am and I have just gotten a chance to sit down and try to relax enough so I can go close my eyes and fall into that peaceful slumber known as know, to recharge my batteries and start again.
 My day started around 7 am because my daughter needed a ride to school, then I came home and grabbed all the dirty laundry I could find because the washer and dryer are now out in the garage, because of the flood of 2012, so my wonderful Mom said I could bring it over to her house and do it there.  As always, I don't have a leisurely day because, well, that's just my life.  I reached her house a little after 9 am and got my first load of towels started , we sat, had coffee and chatted away before I got to start my second load then, off to the races.  I had an 11 am nail appointment with Tita.  We finished at Destinations and were out the door around 12:20 ish.   I was starving and because my Mom is letting me use her water and power, I took her to lunch after making a deposit at the bank.  We ended up at Ihop because it was right there and I should have known I was cranky because a group of 3 gay kids came in, don't care that they were gay, but they were loud and proud, rude and obnoxious.  Survived lunch, it was actually really good, then it was off to the beauty supply.  I only go once every week or two because it is usually anywhere from $250-$600 depending on how many supplies I need, and now with the economy, I text all my clients for the week and see if they need anything, then since it is a special order I give them a 25% discount when they pick it up.  I don't sell as much product as I used to, so keeping my shelves stocked as a sole proprietor in a Studio is just a waste of money.  After the beauty supply I special delivered my sisters Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil and Mineral make-up then I received a call from my friend Wayne also my contractor.  He needed me to get out to the house because his buddy Scott needed in to get a couple of the fans (we have 5 going at all times, can't WAIT for the power bill) for another job.  I have to answer it because right now, I am relying on him to fix my flood problem via my husband and the landlord.  I usually never answer the phone when I am driving.  A- It distracts me while I'm driving. B- I HATE talking on the phone , I'm just too busy for small talk, I know that sounds rude but I have never liked really talking on the phone.  So I was a bit shitty and a smart ass to Wayne, but he knows how I am so I am sure he realizes I am under a bit of stress at the moment.  Run out to the house, pick up Stevi from the school, keep her out of cheer (which was a good thing seeing that I didn't get home until after midnight), run to the house, unlock the doors for the carpet/flood guy so he can come get his fan, I didn't have time to wait so off we were to Costco.  I haven't grocery shopped in probably 6 weeks, maybe 7, since I broke my ankle so we were out of a lot of stuff.  I can't use my Mom's washer and dryer and all her soap on top of it!
 Thankfully the dogs came with me to play with their beautiful cousin Chyla, she's a lovely bitch,  we ended up doing dinner, homework and 8 loads of laundry at my Mom's house which got us out of there around 11:45.  My poor dogs were dead tired from tearing up Chyla's toy, my Mom looked like she had toothpicks in her eyes to keep them open and Stevi after finishing her home work passed out on the couch.  I have insomnia so I was rearing to go.  Folding laundry and watching my boyfriend Simon Baker on the Mentalist.

My Mom made us each a martini and I popped the chicken Alfredo in the oven and we just chilled, watched TV and posted pictures of my Mom's bulging biceps on FB.
All in all it was a normal productive day off, however, poor Stevi was dead tired so as we pulled into the driveway I told her to go to bed and I would handle everything else.......get the dogs out of the car....four baskets and two bags of laundry, the detergent and bleach, then the Costco groceries, and the mail.  After I put the groceries away and laundry away I poured myself a glass of wine, after all, my martini was around 4pm and it is now 2 am, I need to relax for bed.  But I do think those Macaroons are calling me and if Stevi is in bed and Jay is out of town........It doesn't count if they don't see you eat it right!?  

I iced my ankle at my Mom's house and although I still hurt at the end of the day and am still swollen, I NEED to get back on my schedule.  Next week I will be starting my 6 day training with Mon, Wed, and Fri running and Tues, Thurs and Sat. CrossFit

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Elaine said...

I'm thinking that the 3 days of CrossFit will be enough to start. I'd hold off on the running 'til you've restored some muscle on your left side. Don't break yourself again!