Wednesday, January 11, 2012

4 in a bed shouldn't be lonely.....but it is.....

Me and Jay
Daddy loving one of his Ladies
He never holds me because  his shoulder hurts and he snores so loud right in my ear it just doesn't work, plus I don't like being held too tightly for reasons I will surely blog about some day, I admit that is something I miss.  But sometimes his feet will touch mine or he will hold my hand or stroke my arm or back and I know he is there.  I never know when he wakes up because that big man is quiet as a mouse so he doesn't wake me.  He lets me sleep in and when he is home on weekends he usually makes me and Stevi breakfast and usually makes a pot of coffee so I don't have to.

So during the week, I push my bench in my room so my mini-doxies Raider and Dyna can get in bed with me, (gross unless you are a true animal lover I know) and my cat Murphy sleeps wrapped around my head.  Last night as I was scratching Murphy into a purring frenzy while I was trying to fall asleep, I hear a deep sigh and look over at Jay's pillow,  Raider was sleeping with the covers up to his neck facing me with his head on Jay's pillow,  Dyna as usual, was under the blankets wrapped into my boot, protecting it.  So with all that action, why would I feel so lonely?

I would guess 1991
A  gently touch and words of love and acknowledgement actually  are needed in my world.Are they needed in yours?

Raider and Dyna (she's the black)


Elaine said...

What the heck! Carol and I had to read that together in order to get through it!

Anonymous said...

You don't know what you got.....
My J is gone a lot too. And although I enjoy free range of the remote and one on one time with my little girl, once its lights out, I'm lonely. And I have my little girl next to me, my cat and my chihuahua right there.... you dont realize how much you depend on the bad and annoying..... Just as much as the good