Sunday, January 8, 2012

We were young and dumb but it was fun!

Junior Prom for Reed 1985
6-7-86 Wedding day, he was 18 I was 17
Ah memories.  Stevi was sharing her moments from the concert with us last night and Jay and I were telling her a story of our years at 16.  My Mom would let me stay over at his house occasionally and he ended up moving in with us at 16...(we had bunk beds lol), but before we knew my mom understood how in love we were, we snuck around occasionally and lied.  Here's one of them....

I had a yellow 1979 Ford Courier, he lived over on 16th Street, I lived in Golden Valley.  One night we were up all night talking on the phone and came up with a GREAT idea.  The next night he was staying at my house, I was staying at his, (I know this doesn't make sense ) that's what we told our parents.  So the following night which must have been a Saturday,  we laid in the grass of the baseball field at Reed and fooled around looking at the stars until we got  chased off by the groundskeeper in a tractor or lawnmower?....We were trying to kill time till his mom went to bed, she was a night owl.

FINALLY , it became late enough so we drove down his street with my lights off, (I know cool right?) and opened his garage door slowly and as quietly as possible, about 2 feet.  He slid under the garage door without a flash light, I was quite impressed, and within around 5 minutes came out victorious with a bag! A tent!

We then drove out to Boca Lake.  We arrived around 11:30 pm.  It was freezing, we had the tent and a ,  sleeping bag, yes one.  What we didn't have was a flashlight or the poles for the tent!  So we tried what we could to drape it from the tree to tie it to my Side mirror and the tailgate of my truck, it got too cold and it was pitch black so we snuggled up in the sleeping bag in the back of me truck and froze our asses off all night.  I think we slept in shifts because it was so cold.

The morning sun woke us up roasting us because we were right in the middle of the opening of trees... so rise and shine!  We were a tad bit unprepared but pretty impressed with ourselves at that point.  We had spent our first night without parent supervision...mind you it was too cold to "Enjoy" it , but we accomplished the "Mission Impossible".

Now, no food, no matches, no poles, pretty much just my truck and a piece of fabric that is the tent...and a sleeping bag.   So Jay went in search of matches to make me a fire and I remember the nice couple who I'm guessing were in their 40's, our ages now, inviting us over and they fed us breakfast.

 We put the tent back in the bag and headed home around 9:30 to 10. So romantic!......Actually at 16 it was to us and we still laugh about that night.  We survived it and it was awesome.

Sorry Mom!


Elaine said...

It's okay, Lisa. You had already told me this story and it's still cute and funny, especially 27 years later!

Bubba said...

LOL, just wait, I will have more ;-*

Liz said...

That is so cute! Ahh young love, when everything is romantic and fun. Can you even imagine doing something like that now? haha!