Monday, January 30, 2012

A Monday to Smile about.......

First hike after broken ankle, it's a start
Today started off as usual, getting up around 7:10, bringing Stevi to school.  But it was a different and exciting day for me.  I only had 2 loads of laundry to bring to my Mom's house and we were going to go on a hike.  Yes my first hike since I fractured my ankle.  It was an easy hike, only 3.1 miles.  One we could very easily take the dogs on.  My Mom was quite impressed at the clip I was going, not as fast as her, but definitely not as slow as my Aunt Dottie . (Sorry Auntie if you are a reader!)  As we went along, my ankle felt sore in the beginning but as we walked along, it felt better and better, even as I jumped a natural water made ditch.  My Mom even said "Wow, that was great!"  As we went along , the better I felt , and I could have kept going but I followed Dr.'s orders and it was a perfect first hike.  I felt so great in fact I can't wait until CrossFit tomorrow.
No hills but uneven surface
My ankle feels better tonight than it has in 7 weeks and at 11pm., I haven't even iced yet.  I finished our laundry and then went to pick up Stevi to bring her to Davids Bridal to fit her into her Bride's Maid's dress, for her Brother and future Sister-in-Law's wedding in June and she grabbed a size 6 which fit her perfectly!  In and out in a jiffy.  That was so quick, we had to kill time before her 8 pm Advanced Hip-Hop Class, so we headed to Joe's Diner to grab a burger.
That was a bad idea, Stevi is now in bed feeling like she may be sick (food poisoning I imagine)  and I have had gas ever since.  Sitting on vinyl benches, why do the farts come when the loud hip-hop music stops.........not like anyone wouldn't notice anyways, I smelled like I ate Roadkill....Sit and smile, Sit and smile.....
Slicing fruit, I suck at it, I'm to aggressive....
After Joe's wonderful dinner, I had bought $40 of Arcade play at the Atlantis for $15 so we had to use them before they expired.  I can't believe the new technology ,  most of the games are touch screen. I am like a bull in a china store so it was a challenge.  Stevi looked like she had been in a Yoga class meditating for two hours as she stepped up and played, I was worried I would break the screen!

Guitar Hero playing Barracuda by Heart
 After playing at the Atlantis for a couple of hours, we still had around 45 minutes to kill so we went to the Starbucks and ordered decaf coffee and Italian soda with a yogurt Parfait for Stevi before dance.  Now I have shut down the salon many times, a few bars and clubs and been kicked out of various places in my 43 years,  but Stevi and I were asked to leave Starbucks not once but twice because they were closing....AT 7:30!  I thought Starbucks were 24 hours or darn near bad.

So off to Dance Unlimited.  Stevi opted for a drop in because her schedule has been so busy, after a few minutes of loosening up from all the Cheer she has been doing, she was back.   She shone in that class...She had the same smile on her face that Jayson used to get when he was enjoying what he was doing and it showed.  I watched the whole class with a smile on my face because I know she was feeling it.  She did not look like she hadn't  been in a dance class for 2 years, she fit right back in and worked up an awesome sweat.  For now, with her cheer schedule coming to an end and her interest in starting Volleyball.... the drop in classes are a bargain for us.  She felt great to let it loose and I loved to watch her.  Her first day back looked like a breeze and my first day back felt amazing.  Great way to end our January and start our February out on an amazingly positive note.  Weeeeee're back.

Back at Ryan's Hip-Hop at Gina's did awesome for 2 years off!

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Elaine said...

So, so happy that you are both back doing what you love to do!