Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunday Bloody Sunday

 Feeding my Starbuck's jones since it's out of my budget with my apparent gambling problem, I was on Facebook bantering back and forth during football when I decided to get up in my fluffy warm socks to go to the bathroom.  As I stepped into the hall way I felt water soak up into my socks and it was a lot of water, not just a little bit.  I said "Oh my God Jay, pause the game! I'm serious we have a problem here."  It wasn't just a little problem, it was our house flooding.
 We are in a rental and it came with a lovely eclectic mismatched Washer and Dryer set, I'm guessing around 25-30 years old.  When we moved in after losing our house and selling my beautiful side by side huge front loader set, I was happy to have one at all so I didn't have to spend my days at the laundry mat.  As long as they work (barely) I can't complain, I have clean clothes and beggars can't be choosers.
 Apparently the hose decided to give the washer an eviction notice during the 2, yes 2 rinse cycles.  No we did not hear it.  I only had socks on and with my healing broken ankle I couldn't exactly leap over it, besides, it was coming from under the washer, creeping down the hall and into Stevi's bedroom and towards the kitchen.  Jay sold his shop vac when we moved so he just had a little one that did nothing.  On over to Aaron's house next door he went, he had a heavier duty one from Home Depot.  Jay started working on it furiously and I posted on Facebook that I had to go because my house was flooding.
 I missed the first phone call.  Then Stevi said "Mom! Wayne is calling you!"  I have known Wayne since I was 14 years old and we have always been great friends.  Actually, he is more like a best friend.  We have lived parallel lives and can talk about things and understand each other as no one else can.  So I said "Answer it!!!"
 Wayne also is a contractor and owns Millennium Home Maintenance and happened to just log onto FB when all Hell was breaking loose at the Lynch house.  He was on it.  I contacted the landlord and even during Football playoffs, he and a team of workers where at my house within 20-30 minutes with professional equipment.  They were here and on and off the phone with our landlord for around 3-4 hours all men, during football playoffs.  Impressive.  All I had to do was take pictures to document.
 Jay, Wayne and Scott and some cute kid with holes in his pants worked and dealt with it while I started getting my migraine from stress.  They crawled under our house, found more water and had some magic tool that detected water in the drywalls.  As Jay and Wayne talked and discussed options I decided for once to hand over the reigns to the guys and let them deal with it.
 The landlord thank God is an awesome guy and now we are just waiting to see how bad it is.  This is just a rental for us, but this is his home that he owns.  We did the best we could as quickly as possible and hopefully saved a lot of damage, but now there is the issue of possible mold.  Wayne, bless his heart is someone I know we can trust completely so rather than make me take time off work with Jay out of town, all the guys exchanged numbers and I gave Wayne the code to our lock box because he said he will come out anytime they need to be here and stay in the house while they work.  
 Our landlord will be coming in from out of town on Thursday, thankfully I have that day off to asses the damages and decide what needs to be done.  With a daughter with asthma, that is an issue for us...mold.... and I am so glad it was NOT our washer we brought in, or it would be our responsibility.  We have renters insurance but fortunately nothing of our personal items were damaged.  

Our house now smells like a swamp, is cold because we have 5 fans going at all times, our cat is freaked out and it sounds like an airport.  We normally have our TV volume at 14-20, now 48-52 is somewhat audible.  My headache won't go away, I think I have become a bit noise sensitive not to mention a bit stressed out and had an awesome breakdown when I finally got into bed that night.  It's been a rough time and I think that a person can only take so much before they lose it.  I lost it, oh I lost it big time.  Crying so hard I sounded like I was laughing hysterically.  Weird how they almost sound the same.  I scared my daughter, myself and my husband because I am usually the glue.  I just keep on trucking.  All I can say is if it weren't for Wayne and his crew taking over it would have been much worse and I do know this will all be handled correctly but enough is enough.  To top it off, I woke up Monday morning after about and hour and 1/2 of sleep, was limping on my stiff ,still healing broken ankle and caught the callous of my right foot (which is quite impressive after 5 weeks of relying on it when I had the boot on) on the kick plate between the rug and linoleum to my bathroom and tore it off into a huge hole.  Bleeding everywhere.  2 hour delay for my daughter, who couldn't hear me because of the fans.  It took me almost 40 minutes to get it to quit bleeding enough to put a ton of tissue on it and crawl into my bedroom to find a sock and use it as a tourniquet,  I hobble to the kitchen where I keep the first aid kit and it is out of bandages, glue, nu skin and gauze.....REALLY I now have 35 minutes to get my act together and get to work. So paper towels it is with surgical tape wrapped around my right foot and at this point I said 'Fuck It' to my ankle brace.  A Whores Bath (Wet Wipes and perfume), an Adam Lambert hairstyle and I'm out the door walking like a penguin by 8:45.  Got to work on time walking like a damn penguin or Charlie Chaplin all day and survived a 12 hour day before I hit SavMart to pick up my prescription, which I have been out of for 3 days and some surgical supplies.  Only when I got home and unwrapped it.  It looked like a Black hole....not good and hurts worse than my ankle that I stood and walked on all day.  Looks like a call to Dr. Peters will be first thing this morning since it's 2 am now, and the pills he gave me to help with my insomnia....apparently don't really work.  In the meantime, my bra was killing me near my armpit so I reached in and pulled the under wire that was poking my armpit all day out....There is another article of clothing of mine in the garbage, this week alone 2 pairs of socks , 2 pairs of underwear, 2 shirts and a pair of pants and a hat.  Not only am I a hot mess, apparently my wardrobe is falling apart.
BUT on a great note!!! I won all 3 bets, started my day with my free Starbucks from Kristen McCassie and she owes me one more because we bet double or nothing.  I have a coffee date with my friend Lee on Thursday and I got no-showed by a lady who does it so often I have her pre-pay and if she doesn't show up I still get to cash her check if she no-call no-shows me,  so my son stopped by to say 'Hi' because he was taking his Grandma to lunch and bought me lunch as well.  All in all a great day...AND I have guys running in and out of my house all day, so it may stink, and be noisy, but it is getting handled.  Thanks guys for jumping to our rescue.......PS if you every need a licensed contractor who can handle it all.....Call Wayne Geisinger at 775-686-0947.  He's fair and will drop everything to make sure it gets done the right way and efficiently.  We Love you Wayne, you are a life saver.  Thank You.


Elaine said...

Your luck will change soon. It has to. This too will make you stronger.

Liz said...

OH MAN! Well, I'm very glad you had the help you needed to get it cleaned up. It could have been much worse - think of it that way. :) Love you!

A Mom Anonymous said...

Oh man. That just sucks all around! I'm glad you have people in your life to depend on. It makes things a little easier when the world seems to shit on us. Stay strong and let yourself have that good cry every now & then.