Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yesterday, I met Bruce.......

For those of you who live in Spanish Springs you will know who Bruce is ......otherwise let me introduce you.
 Everyday I drive to work on Pyramid Highway.  There is a man, in the same outfit everyday, carrying a trash can, cleaning up after people who throw trash out of their cars, some accidentally flying out of the backs of trucks as Bruce told me.  Everyday as I drive, I honk at him, just to let him know I see him, I appreciate him and I acknowledge what he is doing. Usually 3-5  honks.
Yesterday, I was on my way to Petsmart, and I saw him.  Many times I thought of buying him a coffee, or pulling over to tell him how much I appreciate him.  I went to Petsmart and had a Starbucks gift card from a good friend of mine so I got a Peppermint White Mocha (my favorite FYI) a bag of Blond Veranda coffee beans and a fruit and cheese tray.  I had to go home before my day started and I was hoping I would see him.
 Watching like a hawk, I saw him in the distance.  I pulled over and honked my 5 honks and he waved like usual, but noticed I had pulled over to the shoulder.  I decided that I would give him my fruit and cheese tray.
 I got out of my car  and introduced myself.  I said " Hi, my name is Lisa and I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you are doing to keep this roadway beautiful."  He told me his name was Bruce and I offered him the fruit and cheese tray which he was thankful for.  As we sat on the side of Pyramid Hwy. he ate and  I learned that he had suffered a few strokes and what we had in common was the love of hiking.  I can't hike because of my ankle being broken, he can't hike because he has had  a series of strokes.  
He recognized my car and said I always honk more than the others.  I told him I was OCD and we laughed.  We hugged and as he ate his fruit and cheese tray he said, "My Dr. said I can't hike anymore, but I miss being in the Mountains so much, I figured if people see me out here picking up trash, and noticed I was sitting on the side of the road not moving they would call 911 or stop and help me."  He loves hiking and exercise, so please if you see Bruce, please Honk so he knows you see him and if you do see him sitting without picking up trash or not moving, please pull over or call 911, he is prone to strokes, all by himself and may need help.  

Next week, I will grab a barrel and join him.......Will You?


Anonymous said...

Hit me up. I'll come help!!! Seriously!!!! Lets do this!!!

Elaine said...

Yay, Bruce! and I love your rust pictures. :-)

Liz said...

How cool is that? Thank God for Bruce! And, I'm proud of you for noticing and acknowledging him. I don't have the guts to talk to total strangers like you do.

Justine said...

I always saw him when I was living at my moms, but never anymore :/