Monday, January 16, 2012

This weeks dream competition vote by commenting dream 1 or dream 2...

Channing Tatum, my kidnapper in dream one/mixed with Jax

After I came out of the Cabana


Clay, he was in charge of my second kidnapping

Tig...Sergeant in Arms in charge of me in...

I have some crazy dreams.  I used to have night terrors nightly, part of my insomnia I imagine, since as long as I remember.  I can guess they started around the age of 8 (another story).

These are the two dreams I had this week that left me confused and amused.  I don't know if any of you analyze dreams or have a dream book, but both of them involved  being kidnapped by really bad boys who were REALLY nice to me.  So if you read this please vote in the comment  section of my blog or as a comment on FB on your favorite dream, and what you think it may mean.  I'm confused, amused and curious!


Kidnapped by a bad boy who looked like a mix of Channing Tatum and Jax from SOA.  Not bad.  He put me in an old white utility van, he was wearing a wife beater shirt and I just kept telling him over and over...."I need to make a phone call so everyone knows I'm OK.  You don't understand I have a business and a family, I don't have time for this."  My kidnapper's response was " You are not taking care of yourself, nobody is taking care of you, quite worrying about it. I am taking you to a resort where you can rest."  Hm OK, Evil Kidnapper, that shut me up for about two seconds.
"UM, I have no clothing with me...I have nothing."  I said.  Hot dirty bad boy kidnapper says " I have it all taken care of , just quite worrying about everything!"
We get to the white sandy beached resort.  He sends me to the Cabana and says "Now go get into a bathing suit, you need to rest and some Vitamin D and I will have your book and a cocktail waiting for you, I will take care of everything you need."  My response..."I haven't shaved since I got this boot on 5 weeks ago, it's really bad..."  Kidnapper's response..." I don't care about that, you are beautiful just as you are, STOP WORRYING AND GET CHANGED!"  Me.. "OK but this isn't going to be pretty."  Oh it was bad, picture the Geico caveman on my legs and everywhere else, except jet black hair around 4 " long......I stepped out of the Cabana , the Kidnappers response..."ARGH!!!!!!"  I woke up.


I got kidnapped by the Sons of Anarchy.  I was in a prison bus and we came to a police roadblock because they were looking for me.  Clay was in the front of the bus and looked at me and said "If they talk to you, your only response is to be 'Minty' , YOU GOT ME! 'MINTY', anything else will get you killed!"  I nodded my head.  He looked at Tig and said, "If she says or does anything that will cause a problem, handle it!" he gave Clay the biker nod. (That's one head bob for you civilians ;-*.
The officer came up to the van and was scared to come inside because of the SOA's so he handed Clay a megaphone and told him they knew there was a woman on the bus and they wanted me to talk to them.  He brought me the Megaphone and handed it to me with a 'you better obey or else look' and I started to talk into it.
"Minty...minty, minty.....Miiinnnty, minty , MINTY! minty, minty minty ..........................minty(very quietly) MINTY!" I repeated it in as many inflection's I could come up with and the police officer responded to them..."I don't what kind of drugs you are all on, but must be some good shit."  Then Clay gave him the megaphone and he left.  Tig looked at me as if I have just given birth to his first born child he was so proud of me...then he kissed me.......(yuk! I'm sure he's a nice guy, but why couldn't I have at least gotten that from Jax!)

Comment and chose Dream 1 or 2 and please, what the Hell do they mean???


Liz said...

Why are we voting? Are you going to choose which one to live out in real life? If so, it's a no-brainer. Beach Resort where you get taken care of. Duh. I laughed out loud at the "minty" dream, though. WTH!?

Elaine said...

I have no idea who, in their right mind, would pick number two. Number one is hysterical and has much better eye candy and is just the kind of dream (except for the ending) we can all enjoy.

sandy tyler said...

Since Channing Tatum is one of my fantasy boys I'll pick # 1. Great laughs. thanks