Saturday, January 21, 2012

And THAT'S how I roll.....

Date Day!
I have grown to love my Saturdays, they are busy and have turned into our family days to be productive or just have fun.  Sundays have become Jammie days....ahh, we don't leave the house unless we absolutely have to.
Representing Cougar Colors for the game
 Today we went and watched the game at Reed, our biggest rivals and Jay's alma mater.  Stevi was very proud to see the championship AAA baseball banner hanging in the gym and the biggest trophy in the case that had her Daddy's name on it.  She showed it off to a couple of friends and told them.."Remember when I told you my dad was a stud baseball player?!  Look! His name is on the trophy....the Cubs were looking at him!"
Stunting at Reed
 That made Jay feel happy, he has had his days of glory, it's now Stevi's turn to shine.  We ran across the street, well actually walked, slowly, and got her and Alyssa a Port-of-Subs to share then let for our date to go enjoy our Sushi gift card we got from Jayson and Guoda for Christmas, then go see the movie 'Contraband' (wait till it comes out on video).
SSHS Banner at Reed

1984-85 AAA Baseball Champions for Reed 
Before we went to Sushi we stopped at Sheel's and I bought myself a lace up ankle brace.  Easy to get on, not so easy to get off.  And a bit uncomfortable without a sock, but I was wearing my Ugg's today so I couldn't wear any socks.  And by the way, going up and down high school bleachers is MUCH more difficult than it looks!  I looked like a two year old maneuvering stairs
for the first time.
Bought my lace up brace today... better support, not used to it yet.
Then we went to Sushi Pier 2....You know that guy that walks into a room and you instantly don't like him?  He is obnoxious , over-bearing and rude?  He was there.  We walked in and it was packed.  The waiting room was standing room only and as we walked in we walked up to the Please Be Seated Sign and noticed the look on a couple of young girls so I asked them if they had put their name in yet because I didn't want to step in front of them.  They told me no and said they had been standing there for awhile and didn't know where the hostess was.  So Jay and I stood somewhat behind them to form some sort of line.  Then "The Guy" came know the type...he's always the 'funniest' guy in the room, the LOUDEST laugher, NEVER would he think of holding a door for anyone (I thought he was by himself until his family opened the door a second later and arrived timidly behind him), he also knows everything about everything and is THE MOST important person in the room, I know this because he worked the whole room the hour we were there.
The Hostess showed up and he basically stepped right in front of them to put his name on the list first, even though it was obvious to just about everyone in the room that she was just now taking names. Everyone was just staring at him with a look of disbelief on their face and the hostess started taking names as people went up to her in order of appearance.  When it was my turn I told the Hostess that the first man was the last to appear and I felt it was extremely rude that he did that and she should put those other people ahead of him and Jay and I would just sit  at the Saki bar if we could order food there because we were on our way to see a movie.  After a few smiles at me and the waitress said Thank You and I will make sure they are seated first, the two young (18-20 yrs) girls said "Thank you so much! I didn't know what to say!"  I said, "It's OK Honey, it's the Mom in me."  She put her arm around me and said "You can be my Mom any day!  That was so nice what  you just did."  So Jay and I sat up at the Saki bar and were waiting a few minutes patiently when the bartender came over to take our order and get our menu's, (BTW..Honey Jack and Sprite!  Delish!)  As he was taking our order....the most important man in the room walked up to the bar and slammed his hand down to get the bartenders attention and said " I NEED SAKI!"  The bartender looked all of 21 and said he was sorry, we said "Go ahead and handle him, we are in no hurry".  As the bartender walked towards the most important man in the room, the idiot, I mean, very important man bows to him because he said he always bows to Japs to be polite and proceeded to tell the bartender that the deeper the bow the more respect and went on to explain that that is very important that he know that.  It is a sign of respect. (Apparently holding the door for your family when it's windy and snowing isn't, silly me.)  The bartender was such a cute kid and just smiled as he listened and got his Saki, then he proceeded to tell the bartender loudly enough so everyone in the room could hear how stupid it was that we got to sit at the bar and eat but he and his family couldn't, it wasn't like he was going to do shots of Jack Daniels with his children, (they looked around 5 and 7 years old.) Luckily the family was seated behind us so we got to listen to him degrade and belittle his family throughout dinner all the while the mother was telling the children not to make him mad every time he got up to leave the table which was a lot, I'm assuming the Saki had a lot to do with that.   After dinner as Jay was finishing his beer I went to the restroom and the VIP got up and followed me. I was in there for quite awhile because I needed to redo my ankle wrap because my foot was starting to swell.  I came out of the bathroom and almost bumped into him, he mumbled something to me that was hard to understand so rather than engage in any sort of conversation I went around him and as I was walking away he said...

Ohhh, Don't go away mad!"  I just turned and looked to see if he was talking to me... yes, of course he was. So I went back to sit with Jay and said.."That was weird, that asshole just said something to me, I don't really know what he said but it was weird, let's go."  So we put the tip down and I got up to put my jacket on and he stopped Jay and I as we were walking out and started to tell me how cute I was and he wouldn't have been hitting on me if he had known I was married.  I hadn't realized we had actually had a moment near the bathrooms.  Then Sweet Bubba came out and with my best smile I said "That's ok sweetie, even if I were single you would never have a chance."  Jay just looked at him and he looked like he had a cold glass of water thrown in his face.  Like a little kid he pouted and said..."That was mean......I'm married anyways and stomped off to go back and sit with his 'Happy Family' .  My sister and many of my friends have seen me in action before, but Jay never really has, so as we walked out the door he was looking at me with a weird smile on his face and I just said......." and THAT is how I roll......"


Elaine said...

Ah, that's better. Your initial post was so disjointed I got confused and couldn't even comment.

Liz said...

Go Bubba! I am fairly certain Jay has seen you in action after 26 years.